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Adult Contemporary Artist, Rob Alexander, Releases New Album: ‘Being Myself’

Adult Contemporary Musician, Rob Alexander, laces his South Florida style and smooth approach throughout his latest full-length release, ‘Being Myself’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “This Hollywood Road”, Rob lyrically travels down the road of highs and lows that naturally comes through working in the music industry as instrumentals that are upbeat and fun uplift listeners with a sense of freedom. The second and title track, “Being Myself”, highlights Rob’s deep vocals that carry immense depth as he lyrically takes a deep look into himself to find pieces of wealth beyond the shield of materialism. “We Own This Town Tonight” is the third track which instantly mimics the likes of Elton John as Rob lyrically talks about a fun night out on the town where freedom reigns and innocence is at the peak of his interests. The fourth track, “Life as We Know It”, slows it down into a smooth expression of reflection as the piano gently soothes the senses of listeners who are enamored by Rob’s charm. “Never Gonna Let You Go” is the fifth track that instantly mimics the likes of Tears for Fears and swiftly shifts into a slow balled that is abounding with lyricism that is laced with feelings of love and longing for a friendship that is gone too soon. The sixth track, “Friend Of Mine (Elton’s Epic)”, is an uncanny dose of lyricism that speaks of the memories that Rob carries with him as he gently mourns the passing of someone near and dear.

The eighth track, “We’re Living in a Dream”, picks up the pace and takes listeners back to a space of contemplation as Rob lightens the mood with lyricism that highlights the importance of living in the present. “Fed Up” is the ninth track which begins with a smooth guitar gently pouring forward serenity as Rob lyrically travels down the path of frustration. “American Love Song” is the tenth track which sends an ode of strength into the hearts of listeners as Rob speaks of the peace that he attempts to find within the death of his dear friend. The eleventh track, “I-O-U”, showcases Rob’s dynamic approach as he revs up the mood with a sultry instrumental groove that is appealing to a variety of listeners both young and seasoned. “Another Love Affair” is the twelfth track which lyrically highlights Rob’s perspective on love swiftly shifting as he aches for a more firm and settling experience of romance. The thirteenth track, “Secrets & Lies”, lyrically approaches lust with an open mind as lines such as “catering to sinners” reminds listeners that Rob is a bundle of soul that won’t settle for a dull and cold fling. Closing out with “Loved By You”, Rob ends with charm and grace as he lyrically welcomes love into his life with open arms even though one single experience didn’t work out the way the two thought it would.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Elton John, Billy Joel and Rod Stewart then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Rob Alexander on Apple Music.

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Chicago Ensemble, Magical Beasts, Release ‘Yes, My Love, I Am Reaching’

Chicago Ensemble, Magical Beasts, tune into their hearts and dive into elements of romanticism, love and connection throughout their beautifully written new release, ‘Yes, My Love, I Am Reaching’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Come Find Me”, Magical Beasts begin soft and slow and instantly mimic the likes of Mumford and Sons over lyrics that seek and speak of guidance when it comes to interpersonal connection that has sparked feelings of adoration in their hearts. The second track, “7 Nights”, lyrically travels down the road highlighting a period of time that meant the world to members of Magical Beasts who swoon over the seven days that were spent connecting with another that has left a lasting imprint of their spirits. “Darling” is the third track which is the dream track for a lady to receive as songwriting speaks to the soul and speaks of the rewards that come when a human being consciously decides to let down their guards and open their minds and hearts to what love can simply be. The fourth track, “In Praise”, trickles into listeners minds with grace as the members of Magical Beasts lyrically tackle the phenomenal feeling of fate that comes when an individual walks into your life and leaves you feeling at peace knowing that a natural connection has begun to sprout.

“Little Buds” is the fifth track that picks up the pace and instantly instrumentally mimics the likes of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros as Magical Beasts add in elements of Folk that mesh smoothly while showcasing their ability to expand their talents as a genre-bending act. Closing out with “Farthest Shore”, Magical Beasts lyrically express that they are willing to spread their wings far and wide to receive the love and life that they desire.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and The Head and the Heart, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Magical Beasts on SoundCloud.

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LA Post-Hardcore Band, Chotto Ghetto, Releases New Album: ‘WILDFIRE’

LA Post-Hardcore Band, Chotto Ghetto, bring the noise and elevate their fans perspective of their artistry as they dive into a pool of balls-to-the-wall Hardcore/Punk throughout their latest album release, ‘WILDFIRE’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Debrief”, the guys mimic ignorant news-lines that have come across our screens as mass society members sit and wish away their lives and minds through what’s on the idiot box. The second track, “Multiversal Receiver”, revs up listeners’ engines with an array of instrumentals that come together with ease as the guys lyrically travel down an uncanny imaginative world that is entirely their own. “New Horror” is the third track that picks up the pace as lyrics tell the tale of how technology has taken over our entire world and has subconsciously caused wildfires in the minds of vulnerable souls. The fourth track, “The Work”, begins with an intro that mimics the likes of Rob Zombie as the guys of Chotto Ghetto lyrically bring lack to the forefront and how individuals’ realities become a drain when they are stuck in the horror of routine and greed. “Unstable Isotopes” is the fifth track that once again ties in news-lines that are swarming and taking over innocent minds as the guys of Chotto Ghetto subliminally try to portray the importance of learning to think for yourself. The sixth track, “The Odd Man”, is the ideal title that speaks of the group of men which are Chotto Ghetto as the guys slow down to a nearly acoustic spill which speaks of being and feeling like the fly on the wall in spaces that aren’t of their own. “Dr. Gerald is Trying to Chill” is the seventh track that begins with a long instrumental that feels like a trip back to the 90’s as blurry and scattered vocals and lyrics elevate the intention of showcasing how subconsciously triggered we all are when it comes to distractions.

The eighth track, “Like Old Times”, highlights the strength of Chris Candy’s vocals that mimic the likes of Davey Havok of AFI. “Eternal Return: Temple FuckIt” is the ninth track that picks up the pace as instrumentals mimic the likes of Explosions in the Sky as the guys lyrically attempt to return back home into themselves. “HIRO AI” is the eleventh track that slows it down into a deep and dark instrumental that meshes with the Sci-Fi attempt toward mental closure. Closing out with “Charlie Cluster 8”, the guys end with a bang as they lyrically take back control of their minds away from the debris of modern-day TV.

If you’re a fan of a mixture of fellow musicians such as Bad Brains, Rob Zombie and Minor Threat then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Chotto Ghetto on SoundCloud.

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Hip-Hop Artist, Hope, Releases Empowering New Album: ‘Red Man’

Hip-Hop Artist, Hope, empowers the masses through sticking to his gut bar after bar throughout the release of his most recent full-length album, ‘Red Man’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Opening Ceremony”, Hope begins with the instrumental feel of a track by Method Man and Redman back in the early 2000’s as he welcomes listeners into his world that he was born to bring outward. The second track, “Never Fail”, blasts off to showcase Hope’s spiting skills over a minimal beat which highlights Hope’s ability that he has work toward diligently ever since he picked up the pen. “100 Million” is the third track that addresses the division of society that has come through racism and judgement which only serves to separate us further. “Generosity” feat. Mamarudegyal MTHC is the fourth track that puts the lyrical spotlight on starting from scratch and the life experiences that it has taken for Hope to develop a worldly perspective as feminine vocals uplift the chorus with ease, grace and balance. The fifth track, “Rage” feat. Alpha Omega, Doobie and Mamarudegyal MTHC lyrically addresses the traumas that cause bouts of rage inside as Hope brings his episodes forward with zero pity and full embodiment.

“I Scream” feat. Doobie and Mamarudegyal MTHC is the sixth track which is an album highlight that would appeal to the masses as Hope and Mamarudegyal MTHC’s synergy is hypotonic, sensual and pure. The seventh track, “Life Givers”, is an ode to Hope’s familial lineage as lyrics such as “Protect Your Women” stand out and are a beautiful ode to unity. “Fuck That” is the eighth track which is a lyrical message of assurance from Hope in which he stands tall in all of the highs and lows which have shaped him into the man that he is today. The ninth and title track, “Red Man”, begins with a historical speech speaking out the candid history of Hope’s lineage as he shares with the world his pride of being a part of Indian culture. “Think About It” is the tenth track that slows it down into a brutally honest and candid round of songwriting in which Hope reflects about all that he has gone through and how learning to think for yourself is one of the most important aspects of making it anywhere in life. The eleventh track, “IDPNG”, stands for ‘I Don’t Play No Games’ and addresses the hardening of Hope’s heart as he attempts to dial down to the basics and life, breathe and love for his family. Closing out with “Stand Up”, Hope empowers listeners with a message which reminds them to stand for what they believe in and feel no matter what opposition that they encounter.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Method Man, Hopsin and The Underachievers then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Hope on SoundCloud.

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Florida Rapper, RuudAwakening, Drops New Album: ‘CATHARSIS’

Florida Rapper, RuudAwakening, sets his inner intention to make music for listeners to be able to listen through to dive deeper into themselves. In celebration of the November 13th drop of ‘CATHARSIS’, here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Magic”, RuudAwakening opens with a haunting instrumental that blasts into profound songwriting as Ruud spits about knowing that his freedom is worth every single risk that he is willing to take to ensure that both him and his family experience a life full of everything and anything that they desire. The second track, “Ice”, takes listeners through the crevices of RuudAwakening as he tells it exactly how he feels and lets the world know that what he currently cares about is adding ice to his wrist and around his neck to remind himself that he has what he takes to make it in the bright lights. “Paradise” is the third track that slows it down into an R&B style that ties in a Jamaican twist that showcases a cultural flare that will put RuudAwakening away from the pact of what’s common these days in Hip-Hop. The fourth track, “Freedom”, lyrically twists and turn through mass societies sprawled out perceptions of freedom as RuudAwakening sheds light on what his thoughts are on all of them from the outside looking in. “Binks” is the fifth track that instantly mimics the likes of Ab Soul back in his ‘Control System’ days as RuudAwakening showcases his writing skills as bar after bar listeners are led into a place of awe.

The sixth track, “Runway”, takes listeners deeper into RuudAwakening’s heart as he lyrically attempts to attract the apple of his eye and reminds her that she will always be the one no matter what trials and tribulations that they experience. “LMR” is the seventh track that takes listeners down the road of inner suffocation as RuudAwakening shows all of the ways that religion can stifle as the chorus screams that he is ready to move past the belief systems that he was brought into and only held him back throughout his youth. The eighth track, “Fallen From Grace”, candidly speaks about the gradual humbling that comes through tough life experiences that have left RuudAwakening simultaneously hardened and awakened. “The Worst” is the ninth track that twists it up to take listeners into the guts of RuudAwakening as he doesn’t feel the need to pull the curtains on his darkness and lets his dark side unleash without any remorse. Closing out with “Thank U 4 Sharing”, RuudAwakening mimics Chance The Rapper as he reminds listeners and his fans that he is grateful for each and every one of them that have joined him along his journey.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as The Underachievers, Joey Bada$$ and Ab Soul then keep an eye on the promising ride ahead for RuudAwakening on SoundCloud.

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Canadian Artist, Michelle Creber, Shines Throughout ‘On Display’

Canadian Multitalented Musician, Michelle Creber, extends her talents throughout a variety of niches that she has spent her life dedicated to which includes singing, acting and more. Shining bright throughout her latest full-length release, ‘On Display’, here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Kings and Queens”, Michelle strums into the hearts of listeners with her bold Pop touch and mesmerizing voice which mimics the likes of Mandy Moore as lyrics that speak of stepping into your power as a King or a Queen showcase maturity and depth. “On Display” is the second and title track which slows it down with an intro piano and bare and near acoustic flow of elegance as Michelle showcases her vocal prowess that is a highlight of her artistry. The third track, “It’s Gonna Turn Around”, pulls at the soul of listeners who had to undergo a tough period of life to overcome as a stronger embodiment of strength as Michelle lyrically speaks of her confidence toward turning her entire life around. “Haunted House” is the fourth track in which Michelle dials down her vocals into a spooky outpouring that mimics the lyrical trajectory speaking of a relationship that has morphed into a haunted space that triggers yet no longer feels like home. The fifth track, “Colorblind”, begins with a longer instrumental that leads into Michelle lyrically reminiscing on the days of her youth in which growing up in a smaller town taught her not to judge others as she carries out her strong morals into her adulthood.

“Superhero” is the sixth track that carries out a seductive intro touch that lyrically leads into Michelle speaking about learning to be and become the superhero of your own life. The seventh track, “Princess”, instantly mimics the likes of Taylor Swift as Michelle lyrically speaks of the girl of everyone’s dreams who lives a life that everyone dies to be a part of. “Half is Full” is the eighth track that slows it down into an metaphorical lyrical ode into recognition of an individuals choice of perspective as Michelle commonly chooses the perspective of seeing the light in moments of dark. The ninth track, “Still Young”, is a fun ode to an individuals spirit at any age as Michelle reminds her listeners that age is nothing but a number and stepping into your best moments of life comes with the release of tying an age to what’s possible. “Unexpected” is the tenth track that slows it down into Michelle speaking of an uncanny connection with the natural world that mimics the love that she feels for another. The eleventh track, “One For All” featuring Natalie Sharp is an album highlight that lyrically ties in contemplation as an individual forgets the gift of choice within their lives and Michelle reminds them that they can overcome the temporary moments that feel like loss of hope. “Lottery” is the twelfth track that ties in putting a coin into a slot machine for a fun intro instrumental that leads into a Dance/Electronic track which showcases Michelle’s ability to dabble into any and every genre. Closing out with “Another Song”, Michelle attempts to put together the right words for exactly how she feels in a saturated world of songwriting yet subliminally proves that her ability stands out from the pact.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Mandy Moore, Taylor Swift and Michelle Branch then keep an eye on the promising ride ahead for Michelle Creber on Soundcloud.

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Hong Kong Musician, Todd Warner Moore, Releases New Album: ‘Starry Sounds’

Hong Kong Musician, Todd Warner Moore, has been consistently delivering high-quality music year after year and continues to enamor listeners with his songwriting skills throughout his latest release, ‘Starry Sounds’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first and title track, “Starry Sounds”, Todd Warner Moore eases into a slow strum as he creates the feeling of nostalgia within listeners as he reflects upon the simple moments in nature that have left memories in his mind that will stick with him until the end of his time. The second track, “Ebb and Flow”, ties in a Classical instrumental feel as Todd lyrically explores the highs and lows of life while ensuring to strive to find peace within going with the flow. “It’s All Happening Today” is the third track that kicks off with the feel of a Dave Matthews Band instrumental as Todd lyrically travels into a space of nothingness that reminds him to return to the place that provides him with the most clarity; the here and now. The fourth track, “Starting Again”, picks up the pace with phenomenal songwriting as intro lyrics that remind listeners of the power of the present stick out and shed light on the power of words translated through music.

“See so Clearly” is the fifth track in which Todd lyrically takes listeners on the road toward a time in which he was able to reveal the joy of life beyond his mind that provided the peace that he strives to return to. The sixth track, “Lapis Largo”, adds a Blues feel to an album that is rich in variety as Todd brings his instrumental talents to light for listeners to ease their minds through. “Meet in the Middle” is the seventh track that is an album highlight that lyrically reflects upon a profound human connection between two human beings that were intensely in love. The eighth track, “Coffee Conversations”, is an uncanny take on social media and how individuals spend majority of their lives behind smartphones rather than exploring the meaning of life and more over coffee in person. “All The Lives” is the ninth track that slows it down to lyrically give meaning to all of the versions of life that Todd has been able to explore within his time on planet earth. Closing out with “Slate”, beautiful instrumentals that sound akin to Sting in his ‘Ten Summoner’s Tales’ days lead into a poetically rich lyrical journey into a clean slate between two that have distanced and reconnected in the present.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Bright Eyes, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Todd Warner Moore on Bandcamp.

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Italian Funk Collective, The Black City, Release New Album – ‘Wake Up. The Funk.’

Italian Funk Collective, The Black City, are an idiosyncratic group of musicians that have morphed their obscure thoughts into a creatively detailed bundle of music throughout their latest full-length album release, ‘Wake Up. The Funk’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first and title track, ‘Wake Up. The Funk’, the guys jump in with ease akin to instrumentals of Grateful Dead which invigorates the minds of listeners as they travel down a journey of lyrical simplicity that is pleasing to the soul. The second track, “Stone Free”, is full of groove that will make you move as vocals that soothe the spirit gift listeners with a ticket to the other side and a place to glide through lyrics that pour forward the yearning for love. “Hour of the Beasties” is the third track that kicks up the pace with a fun Jungle instrumental that is mixed with Electronic which leads into a full-blown eclectic mix that sounds akin to a track by Red Hot Chili Peppers. The fourth track, “Cage”, slows it down into a lyrical exploration of freedom from internal incarceration that is accompanied by awareness of one’s personal freedom to embody their truest self at all times. “Be Quiet” is the fifth track that is full of mindfulness as the guys venture through the highs and lows of the experience of silence and the lack of sensory which could lead a mind either into inspiration or depravity.

The sixth track, “Original Sound”, begins with a Low-Fi ease that trickles into vocals that mimic the likes of Tricky as lyrics that speak of the power of vibrations spill forward and inspire listeners to reach toward peace. “Shadow Wake” is the seventh track that begins with a beautiful intro instrumental that showcases the dynamic group of talent that is The Black City as lyrics that speak of attempting to awaken from a long slumber leads listeners down under. The eighth track, “Goosebumps (Remix)”, begins with a bold proclamation of love that is warm to pleasant as funky instrumentals leave listeners spinning in a web of romanticism and sin. Closing out with “Funky Time (Remix)”, the guys close with lyrics that remind listeners that taking the high road is always the way to go.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Grateful Dead, Red Hot Chili Peppers and lyrics similar to Rage Against The Machine, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for The Black City on Soundcloud.

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Detroit Rapper, Mack Tr3, Releases New Album – ‘Out the Mud’

Detroit Rapper, Mack Tr3, leaves no stone unturned throughout his metaphorically rich new album, ‘Out the Mud’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “False Idols”, Mack begins with an old-school sample and the sounds of a dark, moody storm that lead into the lyrical trajectory highlighting the pressure that he has encountered through following his dreams while ensuring to remind listeners that he can twist and bend words in an manner that’s unheard of. The second track, “Dopeman Dream$”, packs an instrumental punch over lyrics that speak of the lion that roars within Mack Tr3 as he highlights having his Mother in his life as a positive figure that keeps him away from the streets. “Real Life” is the third track that begins with a smooth beat that travels into lyrics that speak of how Mack Tr3 isn’t going to waste his time in conversations that don’t provide for his future. The fourth track, “Tr3 Rated”, jumps right into the lyrical story with zero remorse as Mack reminds listeners that he has opened the fridge to empty rows and nothing is going to lead him to fold. “Suppose 2 Be” is the fifth track in which Mack lyrically dials down to the raw reality that he is not where he desires to be in life and he has no time to waste on faulty relationships that don’t provide the fruit for his ever-growing tree of life.

The sixth track, “Shop Talk”, begins with the feel of a hard Young Dolph track as Mack lyrically brings to listeners attention that he has walked through living hell on earth and isn’t afraid to let the past go and take every single risk to create a brighter life experience for both his and his family. “Out the Mud” is the seventh and title track that lyrically tackles the choices that we make each and every day that either lead us toward a brighter day or back to the slums living life with a heart that gives zero love. “Set of “T**s” is the eighth track that begins with a heavy and bold beat that lyrically speaks of Mack’s relational experiences that haven’t matched with his desire to truly give a woman the best that he can as a mature and accountable man. The ninth track, “Letcher County Wave”, lyrically tackles the daily struggle that Mack experiences as he tries to adjust his behaviors to become the best version of himself for himself and his loved ones. Closing out with “Been Tr3”, Mack lyrically ends with reminding the world how true he has stayed to himself no matter what seasons of life that he experiences.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Young Dolph, 21 Savage with the old-school twist of Chamillionaire and Paul Wall, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Mack Tr3 on YouTube.

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San Francisco Rockers, The General Maynyrd Band, Release New Self-Titled Album

San Francisco Psych Rockers, The General Maynard Band, are life-tested and seasoned veterans in the world of Rock and beyond and are in the midst of celebration as they just released their latest self-titled album. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Talkin’ To My Fish”, the guys stroll right into a unique touch of instrumentation that carries out and showcases the 1970’s flair that pours forward as Lead Vocalist, Dave Combs, soothes the sorrows of listeners with his soft vocals. The second track, “Sinner”, kicks off with a blast of instrumental soul that turns into the guys kicking it up a notch as lyrics that contemplate love felt for a sinner transforms into the guys holding them accountable for their own sins. “You’re My Type” is the third track that any woman would love to have dedicated to them as the guys of The General Maynard Band stand tall and firm in their interest to take things a bit further with the apple of their eye. The fourth track, “Catch A Pirogue”, feels like a walk in the desolate desert while the harmonica slowly eases listeners into the lyrical content that is full of loose fun and flirtation. “Trouble Is My Business” is the fifth track that slows it down into an acoustic ode to the guys carrying out their rebellious ways throughout their daily lives. The sixth track, “Can’t Stop Rockin'”, begins with a refreshingly elongated instrumental push of heavier Rock ‘N’ Roll which showcases the dynamic musicianship that consists through the band. “Glad To See You” is the seventh track that begins slow yet picks up the pace right up into a spirited and free lyrical dose of appreciation for the sheer presence of another. The eighth track, “General Suchmang”, feels like it came right out of the discography of The Eagles as lyrics that twist and turn through indecision showcase the humanness that the band approached the release with. “Alligator Freak Show” is the ninth track that is full of soul as lyrics that carry out the desire to further connect with a wicked lady click and leave listeners in a state of glee. Closing out with “No End”, the guys add in a touch of global instrumentation that is mastered with precision.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Living Colour and The Eagles, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for The General Maynyrd Band on SoundCloud

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