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New York Rocker, Paul Maged, Releases New EP – ‘Fight To The Death

New York Rocker, Paul Maged, continues to charge forward musically from a place of consciousness and awareness throughout his latest EP release, ‘Fight To The Death’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first and title track, “Fight To The Death”, Paul begins with a guitar intro that mimics Billy Talent as lyrics that travel through the ups and down of daily life teach listeners to find out what will truly invigorate their spirit beyond the excess stimulus that we tend to immerse ourselves in to provide distractions from self. The second track, “Life Goes By”, slows it down into a place of metaphorically rich lyricism that steadily speaks of the lack of consciousness that individuals approach their lives with that only hurts them from experiencing the full human experience in the long run. “Nightstalker” is the third track that swiftly jumps into a pool of sin as lyricism that speaks of Paul falling to his knees for the apple of eye are smooth and full of universal language that will catch the mind of an enlightened listener.

The fourth track, “Off In The Distance”, slows it down into a piano intro that leads into lyricism that speaks of the past creeping up into the present while creating a space of the unknown that Paul sails through as he finds pieces of himself hidden within along the way. “The Resistance” is the fifth track that continues to spark a fire in listeners hearts with lyricism that questions the daily motives of individuals in society who continue to fall at the feet of consumerism and our evil political leaders. Closing out with “Illusions Go By”, Paul closes out with a slow dose of reflection that ties in spiritual thoughts that are intriguing while keeping listeners amped to remain in the present.

If you’re a fan of a mixture of fellow musicians such as Rage Against The Machine, Billy Idol and Billy Joel, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Paul Maged on Spotify.

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London Musician, Ámaris, Releases New Album: ’26’

London Musician, Ámaris, is back with a full force lyrical spin through her her intuitive side throughout the release of her latest album, ’26’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Jelly”, Ámaris bounces right into a metaphorically rich dose of songwriting that is seemingly impeccable as she describes the feelings that she encounters when it comes to connecting with the touch of another that creates a rush within. The second track, “Sunburn”, begins with the feelings of a track by Lorde as Ámaris snaps her way into a lyrical explanation of the remnants of sin that are left on her skin from a lover from the past whose aura continues to linger. “Diamond” is the third track that lyrically dives into the diamond that Ámaris is as she holds another accountable for pushing her limits with bold and expressive jabs. The fourth track, “Numb”, dives deep into the pool of wonder that left Ámaris feeling caught in a web of deceit as she claws her way out. “Last Day In The World” is the fifth track that is an album highlight that carries the feelings of a track by Madonna as Ámaris teases the individual who sparks a fire in her heart and lyrically creates the expectation of another giving her nothing short of their all.

The sixth track, “I Need You”, lyrically tackles the feelings of indecision as she attempts to follow her heart and stay true to herself as the human beings that she surrounds herself with don’t understand how deep her feelings have gone. “Snow Flake” is the seventh track that begins with a hypnotic instrumental that entrances as Ámaris’s songwriting style once again comes to the forefront as the core of who she is. The eighth track, “The Storm”, takes the album for a turn as Ámaris lyrically takes a walk through feelings of betrayal that she encountered within a relationship that just couldn’t make it out to shore. “Thankful” is the ninth track that is slow and sensual and bound to ignite feelings of confidence within a listener that is going through a tough patch of life. The tenth track, “Long Way (Disillusioned)”, begins with a long and fluid instrumental as Ámaris lyrically reminds herself of how far she has come throughout this game that we call life. “Blurred” is the eleventh track that showcases Ámaris’s ability to swing back and forth between Pop and Electronic as she lyrically recalls blurry feelings from the past that weren’t strong enough to be relevant in the present. Closing out with “Supernova”, Ámaris has remastered the track with precision that leaves listeners hanging on the edge of their seats for more of what she continues to explore within.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Lorde, Halsey and Purity Ring, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Ámaris on Soundcloud.

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Sydney Musician, Aaron Beri, Releases New Single – “Naked”

Sydney Musician, Aaron Beri, is fresh on the map of the music world and is letting his most vulnerable inner facets lyrically unfurl throughout the release of his new single, “Naked”. Beginning with a smooth R&B instrumental which compliments Aaron’s dynamic approach toward his artistry, sultry vocals compliment the back-tale of the track in which Aaron lyrically examines from head to toe the lust toward the apple of his eye. Having fallen in love, Aaron is a man who is tune with both his masculinity and femininity and showcases the balance subliminally throughout “Naked”. Having both the look and the groove that makes the ladies shook, Aaron is the total package and his sensual side takes the ladies and more on a ride to the other side of love and right into sin in mind.

Be on the lookout for the debut album coming from Aaron who is also a successful model who is rightfully shifting his focus to the cultivation of his music. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Usher, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Aaron Beri on Soundcloud.

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Detroit Rapper, Mack Tr3, Releases New Album – ‘Out the Mud’

Detroit Rapper, Mack Tr3, leaves no stone unturned throughout his metaphorically rich new album, ‘Out the Mud’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “False Idols”, Mack begins with an old-school sample and the sounds of a dark, moody storm that lead into the lyrical trajectory highlighting the pressure that he has encountered through following his dreams while ensuring to remind listeners that he can twist and bend words in an manner that’s unheard of. The second track, “Dopeman Dream$”, packs an instrumental punch over lyrics that speak of the lion that roars within Mack Tr3 as he highlights having his Mother in his life as a positive figure that keeps him away from the streets. “Real Life” is the third track that begins with a smooth beat that travels into lyrics that speak of how Mack Tr3 isn’t going to waste his time in conversations that don’t provide for his future. The fourth track, “Tr3 Rated”, jumps right into the lyrical story with zero remorse as Mack reminds listeners that he has opened the fridge to empty rows and nothing is going to lead him to fold. “Suppose 2 Be” is the fifth track in which Mack lyrically dials down to the raw reality that he is not where he desires to be in life and he has no time to waste on faulty relationships that don’t provide the fruit for his ever-growing tree of life.

The sixth track, “Shop Talk”, begins with the feel of a hard Young Dolph track as Mack lyrically brings to listeners attention that he has walked through living hell on earth and isn’t afraid to let the past go and take every single risk to create a brighter life experience for both his and his family. “Out the Mud” is the seventh and title track that lyrically tackles the choices that we make each and every day that either lead us toward a brighter day or back to the slums living life with a heart that gives zero love. “Set of “T**s” is the eighth track that begins with a heavy and bold beat that lyrically speaks of Mack’s relational experiences that haven’t matched with his desire to truly give a woman the best that he can as a mature and accountable man. The ninth track, “Letcher County Wave”, lyrically tackles the daily struggle that Mack experiences as he tries to adjust his behaviors to become the best version of himself for himself and his loved ones. Closing out with “Been Tr3”, Mack lyrically ends with reminding the world how true he has stayed to himself no matter what seasons of life that he experiences.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Young Dolph, 21 Savage with the old-school twist of Chamillionaire and Paul Wall, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Mack Tr3 on YouTube.

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LA Musician, Heather Gruber, Releases New Album – ‘Dancing Into The Desert’

LA Singer/Songwriter, Heather Gruber, has spread her wings to extend beyond what she had previously known to find her way back “home” throughout her latest full-length release, ‘Dancing Into The Desert’. Here’s our track by track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Beauty Outside the Lines”, Heather begins with a fun and spirited instrumental that walks listeners into her youthful yet soaring vocal style that is rich in soul. “Here You Go Again” is the second track that carries songwriting that speaks to oneself about stepping outside of a comfort zone that has swallowed her whole. The third track, “Ready or Not”, colors outside of the lines with a cheery intro instrumental that lead into a vulnerable songwriting bundle of love while Heather lays down her armor and surrenders to what she is ready to explore. “Running on Empty” is the fourth track that is an acoustic blend of lyrical indecision and seeing the truth for what it is as Heather faces thoughts that are trying to keep her from taking the next step forward as she keeps in mind that she is simply ready to go. The fifth track, “Lost in Space”, is an album highlight that begins with Heather’s darkened vocals that are full of clarity when it comes to what she knows it best for her and her future.

“Lost My Halo” is the sixth track where Heather lyrically speaks to herself about how she recognizes that she lost pieces of her inner puzzle while chasing something that once felt impossible yet is indeed feasible. The seventh track, “How Do You Feel About Now?”, is written with metaphorical precision as Heather lyrically expresses her enduring love for another that won’t fade away. “Let it Fly” is the eighth track in which Heather lyrically maneuvers through her indecision and attempts to overcome her doubt and set herself free for once and for all. The ninth track, “Perfect Day”, begins with a beautiful and simple opening instrumental that matches the lyrical direction that is an ode to simply being. The eleventh track, “Letting Go”, stirs into the soul of listeners as Heather knows that what she had once collected is no longer serving her life path which continues to broaden as she travels and experiences how boundless the world that we live in truly is. “Stepped Outside” is the twelfth track in which Heather sets sail and lyrically tells the tale of facing the great unknown. Closing out with “What’s so Good About Being Young?”, Heather ends on a high note as she lets go of a relationship that was holding her back as she has come to learn to set her sights on what is best for her.


Emptying herself in a gap of civilization while immersed in the mystery that abounds in the wild to return to her core, Heather Gruber yearned for more and expressed her mindful action and emotive experiences along the way throughout ‘Dance Into The Desert’. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Sara Bareilles, Poe and Regina Spektor, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Heather Gruber on Spotify.

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Canadian Musician, Norine Braun, Releases New Album – ‘Through Train Windows’

Prestigious Canadian Singer/Songwriter, Norine Braun, lets both her talent and soul set free throughout her latest full-length album release, ‘Through Train Windows’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Sleeping Buffalo”, Norine’s vocals instantly captivate over a haunting acoustic guitar that is overcome with emotive prowess that spreads throughout the song in an enlightening way.  The second track, “I’m Going Home”, is a lyrically vulnerable step into confrontation with oneself as Norine attempts to figure out which way feels like home along her ever-changing road. “Jerkwater Town” is the third track that picks up the pace by taking listeners down a metaphorically rich dose of songwriting as lyrics such as “Life was good with a one-track mind” seep into the soul. The fourth track, “Exhale”, instantly begins with the feeling of a Jewel track back in her ‘This Way’ backs as another exquisite stirring of songwriting leaves listeners stopped dead in their tracks by Norine’s sheer writing abilities.

“Climbing Table Mountain” is the fifth track that changes the dynamic of the album as Norine takes the mic in hand and creates an atmosphere of overcoming while instrumentals that have pieces of Jazz flair mesh perfectly. “I’m Moving On” is the seventh track that is abounding with clarity as Norine reflectively tells the tale of a love that has gone sour as she lyrically confirms to herself that she is ready to let go and flow. The eighth track, “Rock the Rolling”, is an album highlight that begins with Jazzy instrumentals that carry an element of Trip-Hop as Norine bares all through mysterious songwriting that is fun, flirty and light. The tenth track, “Rue St. Jean”, feels like it walked out of a 1960’s sitcom in the greatest way as horns enamor and ignite energy reservoirs within listeners. “Crosses and Sweetgrass (Salvation)” is the eleventh track that opens with a haunting piano as Norine lyrically tugs at her side of the rope of a relationship that is losing balance.The twelfth track, “Heaven Only Knows”, eases into a raw lyrical inspection of what Norine could have done if she turned back time and tried again in this maze called life. Closing out with the title track, “Through Train Windows”, Norine ends on a high note with an uplifting dose of soul that makes listeners desire to get out there and live in this boundless creative world.

‘Through Train Windows’ is a poetically rich dose of humanness that is abounding with lyrical remnants of Norine’s life experience coming forward. Through accolades galore ranging from being a nominee for ‘Spiritual Artist of The Year’ by Western Canadian Music Awards to being the 2008 winner of the Los Angeles Independent International Music Awards Female Singer-Songwriter of The Year Jazz Category for her track, “Crystallize”, it is indented in Norine’s blood and veins to artistically bring forward both her light and pain. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Sheryl Crow, Paula Cole and Jewel then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Norine Braun on Soundcloud.

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Interview: Sam Waks of Red Tent Records

It is when two idiosyncratic producers collide that musical magic is able to ensue. Sydney Producer, Sound Strider and Ghost in the Chill have come together to reignite both thought and feeling within their artistry and the list of label-mates on their newly founded Record Label, Red Tent Records. I caught up with Red Tent Records Founder, Sam Waks, to discuss what inspired him to bring the label to life, his psychological musings including living in an endless utopia and more.

First and foremost, introduce yourself to the world. Tell us about your vision behind Red Tent Records and what inspired you toward bringing the label to life.

Red Tent Records was hatched by myself and collaborator Ghost in the Chill as an attempt to connect disparate musical and aesthetic universes. We both have very diverse and eclectic tastes and we wanted to create a space where talents from estranged subcultures could meet and collaborate. There’s a physical element to the label as well which is based out of a studio in the french countryside. 2019 will see us expanding into the exciting new domain of immersive 360 sound and ambisonics.

Your latest album as Sound Strider, ‘Occult Electric’, incorporates elements that steer clear from the typical. Tell us about your journey of creating that release and what you learned about yourself along the way.

I’ve been into chaos magic and the occult for a long time and given the state of the world in 2018 I thought it was high time to make those influences explicit. I went quite deep into the magical creative process integrating sigils, invocation and divination into my production workflow. Normally my vocal samples are ripped from radio or tv but for this release I wanted to use some of my favourite magic books and so all the vocals you hear are recited either by myself or a computer. For those who are interested the authors I sampled are Peter J Carroll, Gordon White and Peter Grey.

Tell us about some of your upcoming releases on Red Tent Records that you are proud of.

One forthcoming release I’m very excited about is operating under the working title of ‘Mozart vs Cuba’ and will be showcasing a release format we hope to make ample use of in the future. Basically we created a sample pack with about 15 mins worth of source material ripped from original recordings we made. Half the samples are loops from a live string quartet recording of Mozart in a chapel and the other half are street recordings of musicians from Santiago de Cuba. We’ve sent the sample pack to 4 or 5 electronic producers and we will release the results as an EP.

Showcasing the human in you, what is a challenging thought that you recently had and were able to overcome over time?

I often worry that I’m not working hard enough, usually I get over it by remembering that life is meant to be enjoyed not exploited.

What is your perception on the digital world that we live in and social media culture?

I used to be a bona fide Transhumanist, meaning I couldn’t wait for us all to upload our brains on to the net and live happily ever after in an endless utopia of our own imagining. Now I’m not so sure. At the risk of sounding like a dirty hippy, I’ve realised that we already kind of live in an endless utopia of our own imagining and I’m actually happier and more productive when I spend more time with the birds and the trees, far away from the influencers and their feeds. I will say, this attitude doesn’t really do a lot for my exposure as an artist, birds aren’t very good at building hype.

No career path or amount of followers negates the fact that you are a human being that has feelings. Tell us about some parts of you beyond being a musician that you take pride in.

For the last 10 years, I’ve dedicated a significant part of my life to renovating and maintaining a 19th century agro-industrial ruin in the french countryside. La Briche is a harsh mistress but she makes me very proud.

As you are exposed to tons of stimulus through working in the world of Entertainment, how do you proactively take care of your mental and emotional health?

Daily meditation really works wonders. I also like to read a lot, I think the internet has kind of ruined people’s ability to digest anything longer than a paragraph so I find that a nice chunky tome is a great antidote to the hi-octane pressures of modern life.

Last but certainly not least, any closing messages for admirers of your work?

Thanks for tuning in and Don’t Panic!

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Detroit Rapper, Mack Tr3, Releases New Single – “Dopeman Dream$”

Detroit Rapper, Mack Tr3, makes your speakers bump throughout the release of his new single, “Dopeman Dream$”, which is accompanied by a music video that showcases that he has his sight set on his prize. Delivering the goods just as they are and never fronting about his scars through his artistry, Mack Tr3 may be new to the game in some ways, yet he has been spittin’ since the days of his youth and it’s time from his talent to be recognized beyond the booth.

Filmed with the nitty-gritty feel and appeal of the reality and human experience of those who are putting in the time in the studio while balancing the blue-collar work on the side, Mack Tr3 shines in a way that is both revealing and reassuring to those independent musicians who are following in his footsteps throughout the music video for “Dopeman Dream$”.

Embodying the guts, grind and glory of the 313 while on the grind, Mack Tr3 is steady making the necessary moves to live out his dreams and showcase his talent to a wider audience that continues to grow. Mack Tr3 is an individual with heart who is developing a signature style of wit and wisdom that challenges listeners to challenge their own manner of thinking before hoes, parties and drinking. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Young Dolph, 21 Savage with the old-school twist of Chamillionaire and Paul Wall, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Mack Tr3 on YouTube.

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Brooklyn Rocker, Lord Sonny the Unifier, Set to Release New Album: “Final Notice!”

Brooklyn Rocker, Lord Sonny the Unifier, may be the new kid on the block, but his upcoming full-length release, “Final Notice!”, is set to be dynamically rich way to introduce himself to the world of music and beyond. Having released his first single from the album, “Right in Your I”, Lord Sonny the Unifier refuses to be confined to societies ways and sticks it to the man and those who treat others poorly due to their own insecurities unabashedly throughout the track.

Incorporating the sound of the late 1970’s when the world of Rock ‘N’ Roll was full of human beings who refused to be controlled, the rebellious edge in which Lord Sonny the Unifier approaches his artistry is refreshing to independent thinkers. Through tying in instrumentals that don’t overpower the message and intent of the lyrical trajectory, Lord Sonny the Unifier is ahead of the game and understands that his future is in his hands.

We live in a world full of billions of human beings who are actively living out their own individual lives that have nothing to do with you unless you choose to personalize it. Lord Sonny the Unifier is a newcomer to the music scene that is all about equality and ensuring that those who are treating others well get the same treatment in return. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as The Clash, Dead Kennedys and Queens of the Stone Age, then keep an eye on the promising ride ahead for Lord Sonny the Unifier on Bandcamp.

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Rising Texas Rapper, J’Moris, Releases New EP: ‘Extra’

Rising Texas Rapper, J’Moris, is making major plays in the game and we’re delighted to see him bring the wild thoughts that cross his mind to life throughout his latest EP, ‘Extra. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first and title track, “Extra”, crisp production walks listeners into a hypnotic beat as J’Moris showcases qualities of a seasoned vet right off bat with lyrical reminders of the hustle days when his vision was set on the free lunch line rather than the stars. The second track, “Misbehave”, slows it down into a mixture of 90’s R&B and 2000 Hip-Hop as J’Moris candidly puts his sexual urges and fantasies on blast over a beat that incorporates a soft piano so fluidly that it leads listeners into a state of trance. “Not At All” is the third track in which J’Moris takes his fans through the days of his childhood when he had nothing but crumbs on his plate yet switches it up to the motivation that he has cultivated within which has served to his burgeoning lifestyle and shifting experiences. Closing out with “Speed Boat”, J’Moris lyrically puts it all on the line and twists his intention to take no prisoners throughout each bar while tip-top production takes the track to a level that wouldn’t necessarily be expected from an unsigned artist.

Through his ability to get down to the nitty-gritty, J’Moris spits with no pity and 2019 is his time to shine. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Big K.R.I.T, Jadakiss and Meek Mill, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for J’Moris on Spotify.

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