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Adult Contemporary Artist, Rob Alexander, Releases New Album: ‘Being Myself’

Adult Contemporary Musician, Rob Alexander, laces his South Florida style and smooth approach throughout his latest full-length release, ‘Being Myself’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “This Hollywood Road”, Rob lyrically travels down the road of highs and lows that naturally comes through working in the music industry as instrumentals that are upbeat and fun uplift listeners with a sense of freedom. The second and title track, “Being Myself”, highlights Rob’s deep vocals that carry immense depth as he lyrically takes a deep look into himself to find pieces of wealth beyond the shield of materialism. “We Own This Town Tonight” is the third track which instantly mimics the likes of Elton John as Rob lyrically talks about a fun night out on the town where freedom reigns and innocence is at the peak of his interests. The fourth track, “Life as We Know It”, slows it down into a smooth expression of reflection as the piano gently soothes the senses of listeners who are enamored by Rob’s charm. “Never Gonna Let You Go” is the fifth track that instantly mimics the likes of Tears for Fears and swiftly shifts into a slow balled that is abounding with lyricism that is laced with feelings of love and longing for a friendship that is gone too soon. The sixth track, “Friend Of Mine (Elton’s Epic)”, is an uncanny dose of lyricism that speaks of the memories that Rob carries with him as he gently mourns the passing of someone near and dear.

The eighth track, “We’re Living in a Dream”, picks up the pace and takes listeners back to a space of contemplation as Rob lightens the mood with lyricism that highlights the importance of living in the present. “Fed Up” is the ninth track which begins with a smooth guitar gently pouring forward serenity as Rob lyrically travels down the path of frustration. “American Love Song” is the tenth track which sends an ode of strength into the hearts of listeners as Rob speaks of the peace that he attempts to find within the death of his dear friend. The eleventh track, “I-O-U”, showcases Rob’s dynamic approach as he revs up the mood with a sultry instrumental groove that is appealing to a variety of listeners both young and seasoned. “Another Love Affair” is the twelfth track which lyrically highlights Rob’s perspective on love swiftly shifting as he aches for a more firm and settling experience of romance. The thirteenth track, “Secrets & Lies”, lyrically approaches lust with an open mind as lines such as “catering to sinners” reminds listeners that Rob is a bundle of soul that won’t settle for a dull and cold fling. Closing out with “Loved By You”, Rob ends with charm and grace as he lyrically welcomes love into his life with open arms even though one single experience didn’t work out the way the two thought it would.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Elton John, Billy Joel and Rod Stewart then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Rob Alexander on Apple Music.

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