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Chicago Ensemble, Magical Beasts, Release ‘Yes, My Love, I Am Reaching’

Chicago Ensemble, Magical Beasts, tune into their hearts and dive into elements of romanticism, love and connection throughout their beautifully written new release, ‘Yes, My Love, I Am Reaching’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Come Find Me”, Magical Beasts begin soft and slow and instantly mimic the likes of Mumford and Sons over lyrics that seek and speak of guidance when it comes to interpersonal connection that has sparked feelings of adoration in their hearts. The second track, “7 Nights”, lyrically travels down the road highlighting a period of time that meant the world to members of Magical Beasts who swoon over the seven days that were spent connecting with another that has left a lasting imprint of their spirits. “Darling” is the third track which is the dream track for a lady to receive as songwriting speaks to the soul and speaks of the rewards that come when a human being consciously decides to let down their guards and open their minds and hearts to what love can simply be. The fourth track, “In Praise”, trickles into listeners minds with grace as the members of Magical Beasts lyrically tackle the phenomenal feeling of fate that comes when an individual walks into your life and leaves you feeling at peace knowing that a natural connection has begun to sprout.

“Little Buds” is the fifth track that picks up the pace and instantly instrumentally mimics the likes of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros as Magical Beasts add in elements of Folk that mesh smoothly while showcasing their ability to expand their talents as a genre-bending act. Closing out with “Farthest Shore”, Magical Beasts lyrically express that they are willing to spread their wings far and wide to receive the love and life that they desire.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Mumford and Sons, Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and The Head and the Heart, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Magical Beasts on SoundCloud.

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Soulful Artist, Common, Shines in Detroit

Soulful Musician, Actor and Philanthropist, Common, let his light free in Detroit for a night to remember in celebration of the release of his latest album, ‘Let Love’. Taking long-time lovers of his music back to the days of “The Light” while introducing new tracks such as “Hercules”, “Memories of Home” and “Forever Your Love”, Common continues to embody the aura of a seasoned artist that carries out wisdom, class and honor through his every move and lyric.

Naturally treating the stage as though it were a movie set, Common not only puts on a concert, he brings forth a soulful experience that leads concertgoers in a state of awe. Catch Common on the remainder of his ‘Let Love’ tour dates and don’t forget to pick up a copy of his new book, ‘Let Love Have The Last Word’.

All Photo Credit: Jessica Golich

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Chicago Musicians, Umphrey’s McGee, Play Soul From the Heart in Detroit

Chicago Musicians, Umphrey’s McGee, brought the Umph Love and soul to Detroit for two sold-out nights of transcendent music that left concertgoers feeling as though they encountered an enlightening experience beyond the music. Playing hits trekking back decades, Umphrey’s McGee music is a spectical in itself beyond the glory and glow of the lights that naturally comes along with every one of their shows.

Photo Credit: Jessica Golich

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Chicago Musician, Ivor Lane, Set to Release New EP – ‘Postplay’

Chicago Musician, Ivor Lane, has fluidly laced their empathetic nature into an emotive release in the form of music throughout their upcoming EP release, ‘Postplay’. Through candidly navigating and scavenging through a stripped down inner territory that challenged Ivor Lane to transform pieces of their life experience, ‘Postplay’ exhibits hope in the midst of a soulful catharsis. Given that we were able to explore an early release of ‘Postplay’ prior to its upcoming March 29th, 2019 release, here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Loved Me”, Ivor slowly creeps into a mellow echo of their haunting and beautiful vocals which align with the delivery of Tracy Chapman as Ivor lyrically finds clarity in accepting unrequited love. The second track, “Miss Me”, begins with a haunting dense piano instrumental akin to Death Cab For Cutie as Ivor lyrically traces the scars on their battered spirit with a thread of vulnerability that is abounding with raw and unguarded truth. “Reminder” is the third track that switches it up toward a dose of cryptic dark laced with anger and vengeance as Ivor lyrically sleeps with the remnants of the past that linger through their mind and room as they traps oneself in a state of gloom. The fourth track, “I Wait Too Long”, tricks listeners with an opening instrumental that matches the likes of both Kanye West and Moby as Ivor reaches in their reservoirs of femininity to lyrically bring out a divine trace of pain that has been a serpent that they have been dying to heal. Closing out with “You’ve Got Me”, Ivor elevates his perspective into a realm of hope while lyrically immersing listeners with their experience of gifting themself with another chance to live and love.

Ivor’s voice is rich in empathy with a delivery that showcases that it took serious life experience and hurt to come to a place of peace. Set a reminder for the March 29th, 2019 release of ‘Postplay’ by Ivor Lane. If you’re a fan of a mixture of fellow musicians such as Bon Iver, Poe and Portishead then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Ivor Lane on YouTube.

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Chicago Electronic Musician, Acidic Base, Releases New Album – ‘Purple Skies’

Chicago Electronic Musician and Mastermind, Acidic Base, has cooked up some new Electronic heat that proves that it is never too early or too late to follow your dreams. The notably 12-year-old go-getter is far ahead of his time artistically, spirituality and intellectually throughout his debut release, ‘Purple Skies’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Purple Skies”, Acidic Base trickles in by entrancing listeners with an atmospheric journey into a colorful world with a waxing and waning entry into a portal of his youthful mind that is set on the stars in the most grounded and intentional way. The second track, “Halcyon”, begins with a calming reflective dose of Trip-Hop that flows seamlessly as Acidic Base plays with different synthesizer techniques that astounds the listener who keeps his chronological age in mind. “Chernobyl” is the third track that begins with a mellow groove that ignites the senses and leads listeners into a peaceful state as 8 minutes of minimal expression is the exact right amount of flow. The fourth track, “Blurred”, begins with the feel of an Adventure Club track and travels through an EDM dose of feeling that is fluid and mastered with precision. “Omnidirectional Hyperjet” is the fifth track that blasts off slowly into one of the most impressive Trance tracks that I have heard since the hard-hitting days of The Prodigy and Tricky in the early 90’s. The sixth track, “Mountain Face”, would fit perfectly into an action-packed video game as Acidic Base travels through an escalating beat that begins to hit harder and elevate in expression until the last second. Closing out with “Borealis”, Acidic Base slows it down with a fun and upbeat tone that showcases the vibrancy and aliveness that he is experiencing within his youth.

Balancing the tedious efforts that come with being an 8th grader with the expertise of a seasoned musician at the ripe age of 12-years-old, Acidic Base is a project by Chicago’s Siddharth Goswami that isn’t going to fold. Picturing Siddharth Goswami looking at his parents asking them to provide the tools so he can learn how to make music gives chills to the enlightened and conscious listener. If you’re a fan of fellow artists such as Adventure Club, Suicide Sheep Remixes on YouTube and Tiesto, then keep an eye on the promising ride ahead for Acidic Base on Soundcloud.

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Chicago House Legend, Matt Warren, Shines Throughout ‘Music Is My Life’

Chicago House Legend, Matt Warren, has infused the restoration of Nu-House Music with an electrifying dose of soul throughout the notably charted and well-received release of his latest full-length album, ‘Music Is My Life’. Soaring beyond expectations with prestigious accomplishments such as charting at #1 on Digital Radio Tracker for two weeks in a row in the 4th Quarter of 2018 and playing on a total of 279 US radio stations in rotation or on specialty play, Matt Warren regenerated his creative fuel and put out a release that will stick in the hearts of listeners over time. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts. 

Photo Credit: ACRONYM

Kicking off with the first track, “How Do I Love Thee (Featuring Pepper Gomez)”, horns that energize the rapid mind and compliment the dynamic technical approach that Matt Warren took throughout the production style of the song while the sultry vocal style of Pepper Gomez puts listeners in the mood for deepening the kinetic link between two human beings who yearn to simply be. The second track, “The Way To My Heart (Featuring Pepper Gomez)”, sizzles through the night and creates an atmosphere of intent as Matt and Pepper Gomez’ synergy creates a showcase of musical divinity. “Catch Me If You Can (Featuring Pepper Gomez)” is the third track that picks up the pace with a Miami-fused beat that gets listeners on their feet for a fun night full of glitz and glamour while celebrating the ever-blooming inner rebirths that have stemmed from the sheer joy that comes through release. The fourth track, “Catch Me If You Can (Featuring Pepper Gomez) (Disco Mix)”, sets itself apart with a thumping opening beat that mesmerizes listeners with a entrancing element of Groove that is charmingly unexpected and appealing to the modern-day genre junkie and musical risk takers.

“Get On Up (Featuring Janis McGee)” is the lead single and fifth track that has been a major hit that just passed 22K views for the accompanied music video on YouTube as Janis McGee brings out a bright flower garden of ancient wisdom and soul through her vocals that soothe the spirit and serve as the golden ticket. The sixth track, “Going Deeper”, creates an atmosphere of Jungle and mind-bending Groove that is fluidly laced to serve as a source of comfort for listeners of all walks of life. “Musica Es Mi Vida (Featuring Pepper Gomez)” is the seventh track that captures the pizzazz of the multicultural aura of Pepper Gomez as a Spanish work of musical gold that is medicine for the soul. The eighth track, “Bang The Box”, blasts off with a hard-hitting style akin to the DJ style of musicians that play at Berghain in Berlin that consumes the listener in the most welcoming and enthusiastic way. “La Rosa (Featuring Elena Andujar)” is the ninth track that twists the exotic Flamenco style of Elena Andujar into a banging House beat that shakes up the dance floor and leaves listeners yearning for more. The tenth track, “Sometimes (Featuring Pepper Gomez and Sharkeyes)”, is the black sheep of the family in the most welcomingly crepuscular way that mimics the style of Poe in her ‘Hello’ days. Closing out with “The Dark Storm”, Matt ends by  incorporating the style of the modern-day DJ with a short sample that swiftly shifts into a beautiful piano spill of compassion, tenderness and care. 

Wake Up Music Group is regenerating the lifestyle that naturally was through the vinyl and physical availability of ‘Music Is My Life’ as the value of owning a musical artifact is back with limited copies available to preserve the multi-sensory musical decadence throughout tracks such as hit single,”Get On Up” and “How Do I Love Thee” featuring Pepper G.  Spearheading the movement that is Wake Up Music Group which was founded by Visionary, Pepper Gomez aka MyMy Lady G, Matt Warren and the Wake Up Music Group team are set to awaken their dreams throughout 2019 which is bound to be the most exciting year yet. ‘Music Is My Life’ is a sign that the stars align. Keep an eye out for the upcoming new music video for “How Do I Love Thee” by Matt Warren filmed by Detroit Creative Guru, ACRONYM. In the meantime, if you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Richie Hawtin and Carl Cox then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Matt Warren on Soundcloud.

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Release charted on the following National Charts (Peak Positions)

— #1 Top 150 Independent Airplay

— #1 Chill Radio Airplay

—  #1 Top Hip-Hop Radio Adds

—  #2 Latin Radio Airplay

— #3 Top Hip-Hop Radio Adds

— #7 Electronic Radio Airplay

— #11 Hip Hop Radio Airplay

— #42 Top 200 Airplay

— Unweighted Radio Airplay #182

— Weighted Radio Airplay #432


Interview: Pepper Gomez aka MyMy Lady G

Wake Up Music Group Founder, Pepper Gomez aka MyMy Lady G, has transcended her known to in turn reach back into her roots to gather the right tools and people to sprout a tree abounding with musical branches of hope, love and peace. I caught up with Pepper Gomez aka MyMy Lady G to discuss the creation of Wake Up Music Group, being an advocate for Human Rights, the music video for “Get On Up!” making it onto MTV and BET, taking care of your people, James Moore of Independent Music Promotions, feeding her loved ones and much more.

Photo Credit: Jacky Amar Photography

I think that 2019 will be the year for Wake Up Music Group. I really feel it in my heart and in particularly due to the recent trajectory of events and successes.

I am so pleasantly enthused and surprised by all of the developments. There has been a lot of them in 2018. The music industry is a very interesting business to be a part of. It is a fickle business in a way, yet I sorta feel that I have to prepare myself for the inevitable “No” that comes along because I have been getting a lot of “Yes”. At my core, I’m sensitive, and when it is not a “Yes”, it doesn’t feel good. Therefore, I have to remind myself that the real goal is to keep putting out great and new music. It’s about working positively with my artists and team and allowing them to create, and that is the real joy that I find in my work. But I do have to say, Matt Warren being #1 on DRT for two weeks is astounding.

It’s insane. Amy (ACRONYM) and I were texting when the music video that she filmed for “Get On Up!” made it on MTV and BET and we were blown away.

It’s insane! I am definitely riding that cloud because I am aware that those clouds don’t come all of the time. But I do have to remind myself that those successes are like the frosting on the base of the cake and the cake is the music. I think that the music is everything. Music is feeling. Music is encouraging. We knew that ‘Music Is My Life’ by Matt Warren was a good disc, but this has definitely surpassed my very modest expectations. It goes back to what you were talking about in a post that you had put on Facebook. I thought to myself, “Man, I gotta start dreaming bigger.”

You do. I perceive that we as individuals do have to burst our own bubbles at times and remind ourselves that we are capable of a lot more than we initially perceive. I think that perceive and/or perception is the most important word in that last sentence. If you aren’t attempting to perceive more than you already know, you will get stuck in your own stagnant rut. What inspired you to dip your toes back into the music industry? What led you to inspirit that creative fire once again?

I have always inwardly thought that I was a musician ever since I was a child, but my brother was the real musician. He is unbelievable. I mean, that guy can shred guitar. It was his thing. I wasn’t really allowed to encroach on that space because that was what my brother did. I would go around the house singing my little songs day by day and for anyone who has ever lived with me, you know you’ve heard me do that! I was told that I was giving the family a headache when I was doing so as a child, so then I would only sing in the shower. I would help my brother, Bruce Gomez, with lyrics at times when he was in bands, and I would always bug him and ask him to let me sing. His friends told me that I should try singing Folk, and that confused me. I did like some Folk songs, but not my idea of what I wanted to sing. You know that old saying about being left with the biggest gift under the tree? Well, I haven’t been left with the biggest gift under our tree, but I have always tried to make the best of it.

Photo Credit: Jacky Amar Photography

Yes, you have to cultivate the gifts under the tree. I perceive that we as human beings have gifts that we subconsciously don’t even open up or explore throughout our lifetimes. I think that one of life’s biggest puzzles is teaching oneself how to actively live without regret.

Absolutely. You have to take some risks. At some point, I would love to create a very Experimental album. Back to my brother, there was one point in which I got very lucky because he needed some Spanish vocals for one of his bands. I went to Jerry Soto’s studio and I sang the Spanish vocals. I don’t even have a copy of that project and don’t even know what happened to that musician who actually had some really good tunes. So, that experience made me think that I enjoyed singing. After that, I was married to Tom O’Callaghan who can play any instrument that he picks up. It is some kind of insane gift of his. I laid down the vocals with him for the Master Plan project that we submitted to Columbia College and before you knew it, it was an Underground College and Radio hit.

From my perspective, you experienced the College Radio world with your own music and the cyclic nature of what Wake Up Music Group is experiencing with Matt Warren is pretty bizarre.

Right! I really like College and Community Radio because they will dare to play stuff that they like and could take a long time to get onto mainstream music.

You can look at it through the metaphoric lens of college kids preparing for the real world and musicians preparing for the world of mainstream on college radio. Wake Up Music Group is in that in-between space right now, and once Wake Up Music Group hits the mainstream, it will be heartwarming to reflect upon the “college” days.

Yeah. I never forget the people who are with me in the beginning of things.

You have to choose not to. At times with working in the music industry, it is hard to remember your roots because you are immersed in tons of stimulus, around new faces and creating new ideas. But you really do have to choose to take care of those who took care of you. Those people carry such a piece of soul within the journey.

Yes. Carry is the word there. Those people have carried others and me when not a lot of other people would have paid attention. I do have to say that my “Welcome Back” into the music industry has been astounding. The people that remember my Pepper Gomez stuff really get me. I kinda feel like the prodigal daughter because I did do my straight gig for so long, yet everyone is happy to see me back at it and I didn’t even know that people remembered or thought about that stuff that I did literally decades ago. It’s a beautiful thing to touch people like that. I saw people talking about Master Plan in South America online and that would really cheer me up. Back in the day, we didn’t have opportunity readily available for distributions. The record labels were smaller. It is a whole new ball game now.

Photo Credit: Jacky Amar Photography

Right. There are so many resources and tools readily available to all of us each and every day and it is our choice to maximize the tools at hand for our benefit or not. We are literally carrying around a mini computer around the clock. I don’t know about you but my phone is always with me, and almost always in my hand. We are able to create whatever we desire at any time of day at any place around the world. How could that not fire you up? You didn’t have that in the past.

It is incredible. It’s almost like there is a whole generation who doesn’t know what was going on back at that time. People are now able to experience a new way to consume music. Back in the Master Plan days, it was just a street thing and lifestyle that you were just consumed with whether you listened to the music or not. You couldn’t go into 7-11 and not hear the various mixes by the DJ’s because that is how prominent the House sound was back in the day. We would go out dancing every Friday and Saturday night. It was around the time around the heels of the New Wave time so that music blended into my work because you are always a reflection of what you are experiencing. I thought that creating a Record Label would be great because there are so many cool genres including Flamenco which is one of my loves. I will very cautiously say that I sang Flamenco because I like to be respectful of exactly where I’m at, yet at the same time, I did bring some live singing to our Flamencos troupe. Every piece of the puzzle is important, but I do give great respect to the people who I consider to be the true Flamencos.

Yes. There are those who spearhead genres and movements who have earned the respect. You have to choose to expand your own craft through observing their skill. You have to be respectful of the wolves in the pack. If you think that you’re the only wolf, you’ll never make it in the music industry. It’s all about the relationships that you have developed.

Absolutely. Not only the ones who came before you, yet also those who are absolutely the best at their craft. Some of music is a personal thing, but when you have heard something that is the best, you will never forget it.

Yes. Do you feel that you have stumbled upon newfound clarity in your purpose through being a part of the music industry again?

Yes. I really wanted to give some support to some of the artists that are practicing. I love giving all of the support possible to my artists. I am looking for the next act because Matt is zipping along and actually starting to work on his next disc. I have spoken to so many different artists who have asked me what they would be able to say and what wouldn’t fly which is crazy to me. I want my artists to be able to express themselves exactly as themselves. I am here to support you. I am not here to censor. I am not here to make sure that an artist gives me something that is commercial. I believe that when you put out something that is really pure and from the heart, it is going to touch people whether it hits the mainstream or not. I believe that we have to keep evolving for the better and that each musician is going to bring something different to the table. In regards to me creating my own music again as Pepper Gomez, I am going to put together my own station for sure and that is just going to be all of my old stuff. You would be surprised how many people have asked me when I was going to do my own thing, but my own thing will be so massive. I tend to not do anything small.

I don’t either, ever. It’s a mentality. I have a massive mentality. I couldn’t just put my eggs into one basket, it’s impossible. There are too many baskets in this world to dabble in.

It’s the Virgo thing. When I do something, I want to do it and I want to do it all in. It’s just the way we are. It feels good to do it that way to me. So when I do my own project, it’ll be a tribute album with remakes, my new House stuff, it’ll be my Experimental work and I would love to do something with my two sons, Sharkeyes and Baby Tac – the ET Boys. They are just putting out some beautiful and great stuff that I just love. I love their Hip-Hop. I love Artist Development although it is a really hard thing. As I am searching for the next group or artist, I know that I would love to take someone or a group of people and just move them right along. I believe that I can run a Record Label now, I didn’t believe it in the beginning.

You learn along the way. Consistency, asking questions, developing relationships and being humble have been the keys to any “success” that I have experienced. Being vulnerable and realizing that you don’t know it all in the music industry is so important.

Yes. It has been amazing how generous everyone has been ever since I have been back in the music industry.

The music industry is not a cruel place. I think that many do make it out to be a cruel place, yet those who do make it out to be cruel just aren’t pushing hard enough and/or aren’t taking the time to develop the right relationships. Those people are dealing with their own self-imposed distraction by carrying that belief. The music industry is a very open, welcoming and creative place if you want it to be.

Yes. I am blown away by the welcome. I am blown away by the support. My Promo Team like James Moore of Independent Music Promotions, Stevie B and Andrew Kitchen; they have taken me under their wing and educated the life out of me. I just love that. Having people that you can turn to to ask questions is an absolute blessing.

For sure. I will say that I have personally learned through experience that there are indeed those hardened souls in the music industry who intentionally won’t support you or aid in finding answers because they are insecure in their work and feel as though giving another an “advantage” would put them a step behind. It’s not like that. Let’s get two steps ahead, together.

Totally. That is what has been ultra encouraging to me. I am thrilled when people tell me that I am going to be a part of the music industry for a long time. I absolutely love music. If I could play music all day and carry along with the work that I have to do, I am happy. It is exciting to see what people can produce and what people can create in the studio. The experience in the studio is its own world where things can blossom within the music that you didn’t expect.

But where do they blossom from? The people. Not to toot your horn, one key component that I have recognized through working with you is that you invest in people. I think that it is so important to invest in others. You aren’t going to make it without a team in the music industry.

I personally believe that your path will be made known to you but you really have to pay attention and be alert. I feel that I have been blessed and lucky with people who have crossed my path and have taken the time to respond to me.

Photo Credit: Jacky Amar Photography

Dots have connected for you through simply choose to walk your path in the music industry once again. For instance, I perceive that you connecting with James Moore of Independent Music Promotions has opened so many doors for you without you even trying to open those doors. James does that. I have worked with James for years and he is one of the most consistent, driven, knowledgeable, kind and reliable people to work with. The opportunities that he creates for others through simply connecting people never ceases to amaze me.

Yes. As you know, I absolutely adore James. He took a chance on the very first disc that I pressed which was very novel with mixing House with Flamenco. James heard something within the release that just got Wake Up Music Group on the map. Otherwise, you may have never heard of that.

True. Tell us about some pieces of yourself that you are proud of beyond the music.

Music is my life, but at the core of my being is serving others. It is one of the things that fulfills me most. I enjoy feeding others. Whether I am cooking or bringing people someplace awesome to eat, I really enjoy feeding people. I believe that we are what we eat and we are kinda in dire straights actually because we have poisoned up the earth so bad.

We have. The poison is leading toward awareness though. I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but the rampant poison throughout the food industry is becoming so extreme that it is affecting individuals livelihood and wellbeing. The choice to consciously choose what we are putting on our fork and our plate creates the experience that is our lives.

Yes. I am going to pray that we take the negatives and turn them into positives. I like science a lot too and I hope that science finds some cures for the damages that we have done, but we have lived in a very selfish manner that I think ends up stifling everything. It’s not working for the long or short-term plan. I do love feeding people, but I am also heavy into physical fitness. I don’t believe that you can be happy if you aren’t feeling strong and healthy. I like going to the gym. I like my pole classes. I like anything that makes me feel strong. I do like to challenge myself. I mean, how many people at the age of 60-years-old do you know would have started pole?

That is amazing though, and you are subconsciously setting an example for others by having started pole dancing classes at your age. Life could just be beginning at 60-years-old. You never know what any other individual has experienced throughout their lifetime at any age, young or older, unless you ask. It could be a time of rebirth and renewal.

Yes! I am a solid intermediate now!

I love it. From my perception, dance and movement releases the mind and leads an individual into a state of flow.

Absolutely. I have been a dancer throughout my entire life and to me, pole has been like another branch of dance. I have been fighting to reduce violence throughout my whole life back in my professional years and it is a big issue to me. I believe that children have rights too. I am a huge human rights advocate and activist and in particularly for kids. If we raise kids with seeds of violence in our own homes under the disguise of discipline, what do we expect in the real world? The microcosm is always going to reflect the macrocosm, and yet in the final analysis we are all launched with baggage so we must use music, art, dance, science and/or anything that you can to heal yourself and reach a place where we can love. It sounds really cliche, but love is the saving force in the world.

Yes. Love is the most important force. It is so simple but we don’t get it. We are so bombarded with our own self-imposed pressures that we subconsciously neglect love. Love can fuel your creative fire and artistry.

Yes. I think that in the arts it is extra hard because you are interfacing with so many different individuals. It takes a lot of time and energy to find people who truly understand that the artist doesn’t relate to the world the same way that someone who has chosen not to embody that may have. Being an artist is so brave. It is so difficult to the point in which many artists need a day job while also creating art and on some days I think that is totally criminal because we should have the supports available so that the people that are artists can simply be the artists that they want to be and are.

A day job blocks creativity. I perceive that you do have to earn that place in which you are able to create art daily for a living and be art. You have to maintain it too. Where do you see Wake Up Music Group five years from now? What direction do you intend to take the Record Label in?

Okay. I only want to do and create music that I like. I started Wake Up Music Group with the intention that I was only going to work with endangered music, but I have come to the realization that endangered music is any music that I might like. I don’t want to close the doors on any particular genre. In a dream scenario, I would have a lovely library of productions from a lot of genres. Being an artist is a complex thing, and I want to work with people that are really artists. People that are actually composing, writing and making music is how I view the artists. It’s hard to do artist development with someone who thinks they know it all, you know? There is a certain way of thinking. It comes out of an artist naturally. Connecting people through the music is so important to me. I like to make music that makes people feel, dance and move. I think that movement is life and we need it so desperately. That’s not to say that we won’t put out songs that are deep, slow and sad because that is part of life too, but what I think Wake Up Music Group naturally gravitates toward is the music that helps me get through my day and that is Dance Music to me.

The more stagnant the body is, the more stagnant the mind becomes. Movement is life.

I can speak from this perspective. Many people think that getting old means that it is time to slow down and retire, but I think that the model is the exact opposite. You need to get busy, stay busy and stay active. It gives you the charge and energy to handle anything that life throws at you and as you may know, life can throw anything at you at any time.

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