Chicago Electronic Musician, Acidic Base, Releases New Album – ‘Purple Skies’

Chicago Electronic Musician and Mastermind, Acidic Base, has cooked up some new Electronic heat that proves that it is never too early or too late to follow your dreams. The notably 12-year-old go-getter is far ahead of his time artistically, spirituality and intellectually throughout his debut release, ‘Purple Skies’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Purple Skies”, Acidic Base trickles in by entrancing listeners with an atmospheric journey into a colorful world with a waxing and waning entry into a portal of his youthful mind that is set on the stars in the most grounded and intentional way. The second track, “Halcyon”, begins with a calming reflective dose of Trip-Hop that flows seamlessly as Acidic Base plays with different synthesizer techniques that astounds the listener who keeps his chronological age in mind. “Chernobyl” is the third track that begins with a mellow groove that ignites the senses and leads listeners into a peaceful state as 8 minutes of minimal expression is the exact right amount of flow. The fourth track, “Blurred”, begins with the feel of an Adventure Club track and travels through an EDM dose of feeling that is fluid and mastered with precision. “Omnidirectional Hyperjet” is the fifth track that blasts off slowly into one of the most impressive Trance tracks that I have heard since the hard-hitting days of The Prodigy and Tricky in the early 90’s. The sixth track, “Mountain Face”, would fit perfectly into an action-packed video game as Acidic Base travels through an escalating beat that begins to hit harder and elevate in expression until the last second. Closing out with “Borealis”, Acidic Base slows it down with a fun and upbeat tone that showcases the vibrancy and aliveness that he is experiencing within his youth.

Balancing the tedious efforts that come with being an 8th grader with the expertise of a seasoned musician at the ripe age of 12-years-old, Acidic Base is a project by Chicago’s Siddharth Goswami that isn’t going to fold. Picturing Siddharth Goswami looking at his parents asking them to provide the tools so he can learn how to make music gives chills to the enlightened and conscious listener. If you’re a fan of fellow artists such as Adventure Club, Suicide Sheep Remixes on YouTube and Tiesto, then keep an eye on the promising ride ahead for Acidic Base on Soundcloud.

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