Washington Progressive Rock Veterans, BRAVE, Release New Album – ‘the calm | the storm’

Washington Progressive Rockers, BRAVE, have weaved a synergetic blast of mystery into a dynamic full-length release, ‘the calm | the storm’, that is worthy of praise. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “I Will Wait”, BRAVE stir into the soul over a light and eclectically rich bundle of instrumentals that carry elements of grandeur thought coming forward as haunting vocals from Lead Vocalist, Michelle Schultz, who has sustained her vocal capabilities over a wide-ranging array of musical experience are abounding with passion. The second track, “Mystery”, begins with a bold and emblazoned steer into the direction of Dream Theater in their ‘Awake’ days as songwriting that yearns for clarity pours forward from a vulnerable and open space. “A Thousand Miles of Sand” is the third track that slows it down into an instrumental feel akin to Seether as the Washington Rockers and thinkers set the tone for an atmospheric ride to their emotive side. The fourth track, “No Gravity”, begins with a surprisingly welcoming element of instrumental Folk and Country over a melodic flow that is masterly composed. “Summertime” is the fifth track that picks up the pace and feels like it walked out of a 1970’s Rock show as songwriting that finds peace within the truth feels wholesome and real. The sixth track, “Bay Song”, slows it down into an acoustic spill into a lyrical revelation that has stemmed from letting go and comes straight the soul. “Race to the End” is the seventh track that revs up the engines of listeners over a contemplative lyrical bundle of reflection and haunting memories that are crippling in a welcoming way. The eighth track, “November”, pays lyrical attention to to the wanderlust that has stemmed from heartbreak yet in hindsight serves to teach lessons still unknown. “Electric Ravens” is the ninth track that shifts into a 90’s Rock state as discontentment is laced into songwriting that is bold, fury and intentional. Closing out with “Feel the Rain”, BRAVE ends in a state of lyrical surrender as they tend to their highest desires from a clearer inner space.

BRAVE has hit a home run once again with ‘the calm | the storm’. If you’re a fan of a mixture of fellow musicians such as Evanescence, A Perfect Circle and Tori Amos, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for BRAVE on Soundcloud.

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