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Vancouver Musician, Aza Nabuko, Releases Otherworldly Self-Titled EP

Vancouver Musician, Aza Nabuko, is in bloom both as a musician and a human being who is bound to stretch beyond the boundaries of her known over the years to come. Experimenting with a variety of seasons of life metaphorically throughout her lyrical back-tale, Aza’s recently released self-titled EP is one that mesmerizes both young and mature listeners. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Strangers”, Aza channels the maturity of Banks as she begins lyrically spinning a web of intense feeling that showcases how two individuals that were once insanely in love can fall apart once lies and thoughts become hidden behind closed doors. “Ordinary” is the second track that showcases self-awareness as lyrics that put concrete truth into Aza’s ability to discern her supposed faults empower listeners to be more of themselves when falling deeper into intimate relationships. The third track, “Fade Away”, begins with a soft and emotive piano instrumental that leads into the highlight of Aza’s seemingly divine vocals that spill forward words of yearning for release.

“Heart of Concrete” is the fourth track that takes listeners down a tunnel of dark and back into the light as lyrical awareness shares Aza’s thoughts of being alone in her mind with her ever-growing brick wall heart that she is aware has grown through the pressures of heartache and pain. The fifth track, “Space Between”, is an EP highlight that speaks to the lucid air that stands between two human beings that once shared their entire lives together as Aza becomes increasingly lyrically aware of the distance that continues to grow. Closing out with “When We Fell in Love”, Aza lyrically reminisces on the moments in which she felt like nothing in the mind of a human being that she perceived as her everything through phenomenal songwriting that is bold and abounding with empathy and truth.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Banks, Grimes and Halsey, then keep an eye on the promising ride ahead for Aza Nabuko on YouTube.

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Seattle Psychedelic Artist, The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band, Release New EP – ‘Fire Sign’

Seattle Psychedelic Artist, The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band, have been tuning into the forces of the universe beyond our linear comprehension as they dive into a pool of astrological thought and wonder throughout their latest EP, ‘Fire Sign’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Dope”, we begin with a unique instrumental release of chimes that swiftly mesh into a world of Electronic bliss that showcases the diversity of talent that has come together to create a musical world of their own. The second track, “Lofi Spliff”, begins with a serene blend of sounds that quickly jumps into a pool of musical magic that sounds akin to Pretty Lights as Jared Sand of The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band brings the forces in his mind together synergistically and creatively.

“Super Automatic” is the third track that shimmers into a state of clarity as the soundscape matches the feeling of being amongst nature on a clear, summer day while listeners are naturally led toward jumping out of their own minds and into real time. Closing out with “Let the Dust Settle”, The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band end with a journey to the other side which creates a sonic boom of delight within the minds of conscious listeners that are aware of the healing benefits of sound.

The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band is a project that soars beyond the modern-day and incorporates doses of raw heart into every track. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Boards of Canada, Four Tet and Tycho, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band on Soundcloud.

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LA Hip Hop Musicians, Young Goats, Release New Album: ‘Goat Life Vol. 1’

LA Hip Hop Duo, Young Goats, mix together the classic flair of the old school with a modern-day dose of love and awareness throughout their latest full-length album, ‘Goat Life Vol. 1’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Welcome to Goat Life”, the guys let the world know exactly who they are over a beat that sounds akin to Drake as lyrics that push boundaries and tell of the confidence that the guys have developed catch the ears of both young and seasoned listeners. The second track, “Only Need You”, lyrically speaks of the love of an individuals life that they can’t stray away from over a summer beat that is bound to bump in the club. “Beautiful” is the third track that begins with a worldly instrumental that brings in some Reggae flair over a fun track that lyrically dials down to the simplicity of recognizing the beauty deep within a one-of-a-kind woman. The fourth track, “Gaze On”, carries an Electronic feel over an infectious beat that showcases the guys spittin’ skills over lyrics that pour a cup of nothing short of romanticism. “Take You With Me” is the fifth track that lyrically speaks of committing to bring the love of the guys’ life to the sacred place that makes them feel at home when the time is right. The sixth track, “Got It All”, is a club banger that reminds the world that the guys of Young Goats have exactly what they need to succeed and can see the same within another.

“Whole Snack” is the seventh track that is catchy with the opening line that showcases the adoration that one of the guys feel for a lady that carries the essence of a Queen from head to toe. The eighth track, “LA Chick”, showcases the reality of a lot of the women in LA that are a genre of women that are hard to lock down as they are striving to get money on their own and live the best lives that they possibly can. “Advantage of You” is the ninth track in which the guys of Young Goats keep it as real as they can as they state with clarity that they aren’t the men that they want to be for their Queen. The tenth track, “Catch My Vibe”, begins by slowing it down as the guys lyrically speak of a lady that is having trouble understanding the men that they’ve grown to be as they try to move past enamoring women with money and nights out that leave you high and dry in the long run. “Don’t Know How To Act” is the eleventh track that showcases vulnerability as the guys tie in an Electronic twist that adds an element of surrender to the theme. The twelfth track, “Too Nervous”, is another one that is fun to dance to as the guys lyrically bring up how they are currently unable to approach the girl that shines in their eyes. “Dubai For The Weekend” is the thirteenth track that is bougie and full of positive energy as the guys charm the ladies with their interest to take ladies on lavish trips around the globe. The fourteenth track, “My Section”, is an album highlight that begins with an entrancing instrumental that leads into the guys spittin’ game about how only beautiful women are allowed in their section at the club. Closing out with “Better Than Them”, Young Suave and Goatey remind the ladies not to miss out on all they bring to the table before they reach their next level in life.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Drake, Jerimeh and Future then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Young Goats on Soundcloud.

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Florida Musician, Tanya Gallagher, Set to Release New EP: ‘One Hand On My Heart’

Driven from engaging deeply from the heart while creating an emotional field of highs and lows through music, Tanya Gallagher out of Pensacola, Florida is coming to life throughout the upcoming August 6th, 2019 release of her EP, ‘One Hand On My Heart’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Dark Side”, Tanya cuts to the bone with a lyrical dose of soul that speaks of the shadows of her dark that come to light in the midst of self-destruction while remaining hyper-aware of her own demise. “A Little Effort” is the second track that begins swiftly as Tanya lyrically explains her lack of remorse for an individual who plays hot and cold down a seasoned road of relational insecurity which ultimately leads to a sense of personal clarity. The third track, “Barren Land”, is a lyrically metaphorically rich musical gem that speaks of succumbing to crumbs when she deep down knows that she deserves the full plate.

“Mistake” is the fourth track that slows it down into a mystical instrumental that lyrically dives into the choices that Tanya has made in the past that have stuck  her cells as she comes to realize that she will no longer tolerate an ounce of uncertainty in love. The fifth track, “Dolphin in the Snow”, carries a flirtatious essence that showcases femininity that carries into lyrical metaphors that balance aspects of nature and the city. Closing out with “Magic”, Tanya begins with ease as lyrics that speak of setting herself free to accept nothing short of mutual adoration and love come off as both enlightening and real to the conscious listener.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Paula Cole, Sheryl Crow and the edge of Fiona Apple, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Tanya Gallagher on Soundcloud.

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Los Angeles Musician, Dirty Chime, Releases New Single – “Fifty One Fifty”

Los Angeles Musician, Dirty Chime, creates a dreamy musical atmosphere that aims to remove fear from love throughout his latest hypnotic single, “Fifty One Fifty”. Through lyrics that speak of denial that is trapped within the veins of his lover, Dirty Chime dives deeper than life under the covers to uncover the remnants of pain within the eyes of a lady that he once perceived as divine. Knowing his emotional limits and lyrically speaking of feeling as though he has reached the point of no return back into a state of love, Dirty Chime is vulnerable and full of human feels throughout “Fifty One Fifty”.

Leaving listeners in a trance through atmospheric instrumentals that mimic the likes of an array of artists such as Bonobo and Blackbear, Dirty Chime has created his own signature rhythm and rhyme that meets both the modern-day of Electronic listeners and those who prefer diving into a more sultry mood through music. Matching the visuals that provide the inner elements of a sinister soul that has lost control, the music video for “Fifty One Fifty” shows Dirty Chime’s ability to extend his creative prowess throughout many genres of art. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Blackbear, Mod Sun and Gnash, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Dirty Chime on SoundCloud

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New York Rocker, Paul Maged, Releases New EP – ‘Fight To The Death

New York Rocker, Paul Maged, continues to charge forward musically from a place of consciousness and awareness throughout his latest EP release, ‘Fight To The Death’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first and title track, “Fight To The Death”, Paul begins with a guitar intro that mimics Billy Talent as lyrics that travel through the ups and down of daily life teach listeners to find out what will truly invigorate their spirit beyond the excess stimulus that we tend to immerse ourselves in to provide distractions from self. The second track, “Life Goes By”, slows it down into a place of metaphorically rich lyricism that steadily speaks of the lack of consciousness that individuals approach their lives with that only hurts them from experiencing the full human experience in the long run. “Nightstalker” is the third track that swiftly jumps into a pool of sin as lyricism that speaks of Paul falling to his knees for the apple of eye are smooth and full of universal language that will catch the mind of an enlightened listener.

The fourth track, “Off In The Distance”, slows it down into a piano intro that leads into lyricism that speaks of the past creeping up into the present while creating a space of the unknown that Paul sails through as he finds pieces of himself hidden within along the way. “The Resistance” is the fifth track that continues to spark a fire in listeners hearts with lyricism that questions the daily motives of individuals in society who continue to fall at the feet of consumerism and our evil political leaders. Closing out with “Illusions Go By”, Paul closes out with a slow dose of reflection that ties in spiritual thoughts that are intriguing while keeping listeners amped to remain in the present.

If you’re a fan of a mixture of fellow musicians such as Rage Against The Machine, Billy Idol and Billy Joel, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Paul Maged on Spotify.

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Bellingham Electronic Musician, Jeads, Releases New Album – ‘Nocturnal Signal’

Bellingham Electronic Musician, Jeads, trail-blazes through a highly industrial musical terrain that he creates through his eccentric brain throughout his latest release, ‘Nocturnal Signal’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Deep In The Night”, haunting instrumentals take listeners instantly into a state of trance with pulsating beats that swiftly float and mesh so serenely that it leads the subconscious mind to into stillness. The second track, “Undone”, laces in Spanish instruments to complement the tone of mystery that is palpable and rich with darkness that compliments the overtone of the album. “Nocturnal Signal” is the third and title track that drives deep into the mind over thumping beats that are accompanied by pauses of silence that mimic the works of Nicholas Jaar. The fourth track, “Ocean Gray”, takes the album for a turn and picks up the pace into a track that sounds akin to Bonobo as Jeads finds himself in a state of reflection that is emitted into the music. “Afterglow” is the fifth track that adds a dose of light into the soundscape Jeads experiments with over genre-bending sounds that trickle into Jazz and Trip-Hop.

The sixth track, “Sun Through The Clouds”, slows it down and takes listeners along a journey of sensory delight that is crafted from the soul. “Lost in the Shoreline” is the seventh track that is abounding with a murky overcast that is swallowed whole by listeners who appreciate the wide range of sounds that Jead’s experiments with. The eighth track, “Chiroptera’s Lament”, is a beautiful piece of musical art that is rich in cultural flavor that expands and leads listeners into a state of rapture. “Grindstone” is the ninth track that ties in pieces of Rock as the moody groove travels into the veins and tames the wandering mind. Closing out with “Late Night Meditation”, Jeads’ love of the outdoors brings a space to explore within the music as light traces of serenity are brought forward from the heart.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Nicholas Jaar, Jon Hopkins and Trentemoller, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Jeads on Soundcloud.

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Psych Rock Musician, Aura Blaze, Releases New Album – ‘The Sparkling Black’

New Jersey Psych Rock Musician, Aura Blaze, is emerging in mind and translating his kaleidoscopic inner world into a space to create musical eccentricity throughout his new album release, ‘The Sparkling Black’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Overture: Solar Emerge”, Aura Blaze cunningly sounds akin to The Beatles and brings a bit of soul into our modern-age while accompanied by lyrics that reach out for love. The second track, “Good While It Lasted”, begins with a groovy instrumental that eases into soft vocals that are enchanting as lyrics that reminisce on the days of ease and peace within a relationship showcase the imprint that the connection has left on Aura’s spirit. “Eyes of the Rising Sun” is the third track that begins with a hypnotic and psychologically intriguing lyrical blast of spirituality as Aura’s mind comes ablaze through the experience of soul connection. The fourth track, “Manipulation (feat. Björn Strid)”, begins with a medieval instrumental that transforms into a psychedelic lyrical journey into the mind of a manipulative human that is tossing swords without a slight bit of remorse.

“Keep On Believing” is the fifth track that is abounding with lyrical positivity and hope as Aura Blaze reminds listeners that their journeys are entirely their own and worthy of living out loud. The sixth track, “No Soul That Couldn’t Be Sold in Hollywood”, is full of lyrical truth that speaks of the rags and riches stories that tend to steer a soul from their highest self while veiled by the empty promises that can tear one apart. “Hope It All Works Out” is the seventh track that begins with an instrumental journey into a place of peace as lyrics that speak of overcoming a broken heart showcase the level of vulnerability that Aura Blaze approaches his music with. The eighth and title track, “The Sparkling Black”, begins with the instrumental feel of an industrial track that swiftly leads into the feeling of a track by The Doors as mysterious lyrics trickle into the subconscious mind. Closing out with “Reprise: Lunar Dissolve”, Aura Blaze’s energy is palpable as he creates a space for listeners to dive back within themselves.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Tame Impala, The Beatles and Cream, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Aura Blaze on Soundcloud.

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LA Superstar, Jillian Shea, Releases New Single – “Talk Too Loud”

LA Superstar Musician and Artist, Jillian Shea, is as consistent as it comes and is having fun coming into her own and claiming her throne throughout her latest single, “Talk Too Loud”. Approaching vulnerability lyrically without a slight bit of hesitation, Jillian Shea embraces that her voice is heard throughout the nation and beyond and has reached a place within in which all veils have been replaced with the courage to simply be herself. Having thoroughly embraced the expansive opportunities that have come through the digital age, Jillian is commonly recognized through her lead role on the Disney hit series, ‘Walk the Prank’, but it is becoming evident that she is also becoming recognizable and notable as a musician.

Through each and every new single that Jillian Shea puts out, the color palette in her mind continues to burst and expand and come together to paint musical pictures that emit nothing short of humble confidence. Maturing with each and every new hit, Jillian Shea is on the edge of stardom while remaining grounded as an artist of many talents. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Selena Gomez, Halsey and Camila Cabello, then keep an eye on the promising ride ahead for Jillian Shea on Soundcloud.

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Italian Funk Collective, The Black City, Release New Album – ‘Wake Up. The Funk.’

Italian Funk Collective, The Black City, are an idiosyncratic group of musicians that have morphed their obscure thoughts into a creatively detailed bundle of music throughout their latest full-length album release, ‘Wake Up. The Funk’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first and title track, ‘Wake Up. The Funk’, the guys jump in with ease akin to instrumentals of Grateful Dead which invigorates the minds of listeners as they travel down a journey of lyrical simplicity that is pleasing to the soul. The second track, “Stone Free”, is full of groove that will make you move as vocals that soothe the spirit gift listeners with a ticket to the other side and a place to glide through lyrics that pour forward the yearning for love. “Hour of the Beasties” is the third track that kicks up the pace with a fun Jungle instrumental that is mixed with Electronic which leads into a full-blown eclectic mix that sounds akin to a track by Red Hot Chili Peppers. The fourth track, “Cage”, slows it down into a lyrical exploration of freedom from internal incarceration that is accompanied by awareness of one’s personal freedom to embody their truest self at all times. “Be Quiet” is the fifth track that is full of mindfulness as the guys venture through the highs and lows of the experience of silence and the lack of sensory which could lead a mind either into inspiration or depravity.

The sixth track, “Original Sound”, begins with a Low-Fi ease that trickles into vocals that mimic the likes of Tricky as lyrics that speak of the power of vibrations spill forward and inspire listeners to reach toward peace. “Shadow Wake” is the seventh track that begins with a beautiful intro instrumental that showcases the dynamic group of talent that is The Black City as lyrics that speak of attempting to awaken from a long slumber leads listeners down under. The eighth track, “Goosebumps (Remix)”, begins with a bold proclamation of love that is warm to pleasant as funky instrumentals leave listeners spinning in a web of romanticism and sin. Closing out with “Funky Time (Remix)”, the guys close with lyrics that remind listeners that taking the high road is always the way to go.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Grateful Dead, Red Hot Chili Peppers and lyrics similar to Rage Against The Machine, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for The Black City on Soundcloud.

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