Florida Musician, Tanya Gallagher, Set to Release New EP: ‘One Hand On My Heart’

Driven from engaging deeply from the heart while creating an emotional field of highs and lows through music, Tanya Gallagher out of Pensacola, Florida is coming to life throughout the upcoming August 6th, 2019 release of her EP, ‘One Hand On My Heart’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Dark Side”, Tanya cuts to the bone with a lyrical dose of soul that speaks of the shadows of her dark that come to light in the midst of self-destruction while remaining hyper-aware of her own demise. “A Little Effort” is the second track that begins swiftly as Tanya lyrically explains her lack of remorse for an individual who plays hot and cold down a seasoned road of relational insecurity which ultimately leads to a sense of personal clarity. The third track, “Barren Land”, is a lyrically metaphorically rich musical gem that speaks of succumbing to crumbs when she deep down knows that she deserves the full plate.

“Mistake” is the fourth track that slows it down into a mystical instrumental that lyrically dives into the choices that Tanya has made in the past that have stuck  her cells as she comes to realize that she will no longer tolerate an ounce of uncertainty in love. The fifth track, “Dolphin in the Snow”, carries a flirtatious essence that showcases femininity that carries into lyrical metaphors that balance aspects of nature and the city. Closing out with “Magic”, Tanya begins with ease as lyrics that speak of setting herself free to accept nothing short of mutual adoration and love come off as both enlightening and real to the conscious listener.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Paula Cole, Sheryl Crow and the edge of Fiona Apple, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Tanya Gallagher on Soundcloud.

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