Bellingham Electronic Musician, Jeads, Releases New Album – ‘Nocturnal Signal’

Bellingham Electronic Musician, Jeads, trail-blazes through a highly industrial musical terrain that he creates through his eccentric brain throughout his latest release, ‘Nocturnal Signal’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Deep In The Night”, haunting instrumentals take listeners instantly into a state of trance with pulsating beats that swiftly float and mesh so serenely that it leads the subconscious mind to into stillness. The second track, “Undone”, laces in Spanish instruments to complement the tone of mystery that is palpable and rich with darkness that compliments the overtone of the album. “Nocturnal Signal” is the third and title track that drives deep into the mind over thumping beats that are accompanied by pauses of silence that mimic the works of Nicholas Jaar. The fourth track, “Ocean Gray”, takes the album for a turn and picks up the pace into a track that sounds akin to Bonobo as Jeads finds himself in a state of reflection that is emitted into the music. “Afterglow” is the fifth track that adds a dose of light into the soundscape Jeads experiments with over genre-bending sounds that trickle into Jazz and Trip-Hop.

The sixth track, “Sun Through The Clouds”, slows it down and takes listeners along a journey of sensory delight that is crafted from the soul. “Lost in the Shoreline” is the seventh track that is abounding with a murky overcast that is swallowed whole by listeners who appreciate the wide range of sounds that Jead’s experiments with. The eighth track, “Chiroptera’s Lament”, is a beautiful piece of musical art that is rich in cultural flavor that expands and leads listeners into a state of rapture. “Grindstone” is the ninth track that ties in pieces of Rock as the moody groove travels into the veins and tames the wandering mind. Closing out with “Late Night Meditation”, Jeads’ love of the outdoors brings a space to explore within the music as light traces of serenity are brought forward from the heart.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Nicholas Jaar, Jon Hopkins and Trentemoller, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Jeads on Soundcloud.

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