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Bronx Musician, C.P. Alx.Zndr, Releases New Single: “Whoa”

Bronx Musician, C.P. Alx.Zndr, teams up with Deacon for a soulful and masterly produced new single, “Whoa”, which instantly attracts listeners through its genre-bending style which hosts elements of R&B, Hip Hop and Soul. Lacing both an intimate lyrical style with potent depth which showcases the cultivated inner world that C.P. has worked diligently to sprout, there’s no doubt that his life experiences endured shine through throughout “Whoa”.

As an award-winning NYC songwriter and musician, C.P. Alx.Zndr stands tall and bold for those that are taking the route of no return when it comes to leading the life of their dreams through their artistry. “Whoa” is both tasteful and unique through a sultry touch that provides just the right amount of lust for listeners both young and wizened.

If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Miguel, Chris Brown and Ne-Yo then keep an eye on the promising ride ahead for C.P. Alx.Zndr on Spotify.

Click HERE to listen to “Whoa” by C.P. feat Deacon

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Concert Review: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony

Cleveland Hip Hop Legends, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, rolled through to Detroit for a show abounding with classics that have served to solidify their spot as the greatest Hip Hop group of all time. As a group of brothers who shine within beyond the glitz and the glam, the Cleveland hustlers have made an impact in the game over practically every single rhyme that they spit that will indefinitely stand the test of time. Dishin’ out 10 strong studio albums, Bone Thugs have impacted individuals throughout the world with the pure facts of life on the streets. Tracks such as “1st of tha Month” and “Mr. Bill Collector” showcase the real life scenarios that majority of society faces and the humble manner that Bone Thugs have always expressed the nitty gritty of life have kept them above par when it comes to raising the Hip-Hop bar.

Discovered by the late and great, Eazy-E, back in 1993 when they was first signed to Ruthless Records, Bone Thugs have created musical masterpieces that balances out lyricism which candidly faces the life backlash that stems from life in the penitentiary while influencing hope in listeners that desire to create the changes in their lives that will lead them toward peace. Collaborating with some of the greatest musicians of all-time such as Phil Collins, The Notorious B.I.G. and Mariah Carey, Bone Thugs consciously uplifting appeal continues to skyrocket and attract global listeners.

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Jessica Golich

Daryl Thomas, CEO of NeverNotWorking with Krayzie Bone

Grab your tickets HERE for the remaining dates on the Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s 2020 tour. 

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West Coast Hip Hop Musician, Warren G, Regulates Sold-Out Crowd in Detroit

West Coast Hip Hop Musician, Warren G, stormed through Detroit to regulate the sold-out crowd ahead of his long-time friend and collaborator, Snoop Dogg.

All Photo Credit: Jessica Golich

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Hip Hop Legend, Snoop Dogg, Fires up Sold-Out Crowd in Detroit

Long Beach Legend, Snoop Dogg, rolled into Detroit with his impassioned presence that carries out good vibes and positive energy to ring in a celebration at The Fillmore in Detroit. In honor of his latest full-length album release, ‘I Wanna Thank Me’, Snoop came through for a sold-out crowd that sang along to every note as he took hella tokes on stage. If you’re talking longevity in the game, one major part of Snoop’s claim to fame is his ability to dive into the past with diehard fans by playing tracks such as “Forgot About Dre”, “Lay Low” and “I Wanna Fuck You”.

As an entrepreneur and business mogul, Snoop Dogg has his hands in a variety of endeavors within the Cannabis world including his recent collaboration with Israel-based business, Seedo. Snoop has also ventured into the Vegan and plant-based world and has teamed up with Beyond Meat and Dunkin’ Donuts to roll-out his ‘Beyond D-O-Double G’ Sandwich. Grab tickets HERE to catch the Long Beach Legend, Snoop Dogg, along the remaining overseas dates on his ‘I Wanna Thank Me’ tour.

ALL PHOTO CREDIT: Jessica Golich

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Legendary Rapper, Jeezy, Gives Back to the Youth in Detroit

Atlanta Rapper, Jeezy, showed up big and gave back to the kids in Detroit at the Downtown Boxing Gym Youth Program ahead of his highly-anticipated Winter show at Little Caesar’s Arena. Right in the midst of celebrating Christmas, Jeezy rolled up with a ton of his local friends and fellow rappers including Brooklyn Queen and Nick LaVelle to hand out gifts and uplift the spirits of the kids in Detroit who left the building with nothing short of smiling hearts and faces. Spreading a positive message of hope, inclusivity and love, Jeezy showed his philanthropic roots and was nostalgic and candid about the pain that he faced on his rise to the top.

All Photo Credit: Jessica Golich

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Migos Superstar, Quavo, Delivers a Motivational Message at The Forbes Under 30 Summit

Migos Superstar, Quavo, came through Detroit with a profound message about his entrepreneurial journey at The Forbes Under 30 Summit in Detroit. Giving credit to his brothers who have come together to be the biggest and most sought-after Hip-Hop Group in the world, Migos, Quavo mentioned the importance of keeping both trust and equity in the family. Reminding all of the entrepreneurs in the crowd of the importance of staying true to themselves in the process, Quavo sat tall and delivered an honest review of his highs and lows which have led him to being one of the highest ticket-tag when it comes to branding, partnerships and more.

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Atlanta Rapper, 21 Savage, Takes the Stage by Storm at Forbes Under 30 Summit in Detroit

Atlanta Rapper, 21 Savage, let his uncanny talent shine through as he took the mic with pride at the Forbes Under 30 Summit in Detroit. Being announced by his experience with ISIS and showing what a comeback from a setback is all about, 21 Savage made it known that he has never taken a step back from his throne that he has built from the ground up with a trusted team of hustlers that will never let him go under.

All Photo Credit: Jessica Golich

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Interview: Justin Symbol

NYC Shock Rapper/Artist, Justin Symbol, is an enigma that is difficult to find out which is exactly the way that he likes being presented to the world. I caught up with Justin to discuss ‘Symbol Season Mixtape, Vol. 1’, the importance of practicing self care, upcoming mini tour, “Star Daddy” and more.

Congrats on the release of ‘Symbol Season Mixtape, Vol. 1’. Tell us about the creative and recording process and what you learned along the way.

With ‘Symbol Season’ I embraced my hip hop alter ego “Star Daddy”. It was about letting go of preconceptions and just having fun! I learned to trust my producer and do things I was afraid to do. One of these moments resulted in the most well known song, “Goldi”.

If you could sit down with your younger self and give him one small dose of advice, what would you say to him?

Practice self care and connect with others. Life doesn’t have to be a lonely race to the top of the trash heap of our society. Success means nothing if you’re not present and open to being able to enjoy it.

Showcasing the human in you, what is a challenging thought that you recently had and were able to overcome over time?

Every day is that struggle. The voice in my head saying “You’re nothing. Die.” I’ve wanted to give in to that, but then I keep fighting. I had some people close to me die lately and it became an affirmation of life. Like, these people believed in me. They gave into that voice, but I can be the example to others that they don’t have to! There is an amazing world out there if you’re open to seeing it.

What is your perception on the digital world that we live in and social media culture?

I think it obviously has the potential to be quite toxic but it’s also got great possibilities. Some real confidence and empowerment has blossomed. Also you have a lot of divisive “movements” which I question if they are even real or a scheme to tear people apart. All this stuff pitting us against each other, it’s not even worth focusing on. I can only do so much before I tune out. I always try to remember that perception is reality. Nothing can replace a real one on one human connection.

No career path or amount of followers negates the fact that you are a human being that has feelings. Tell us about some parts of you beyond being a musician that you take pride in.

I have 5 years sober and have been privileged to maybe lead others toward that life style or at least show them that you can be sober and not super boring! I am also proud of my sexuality, and it seems to empower other people. I don’t put labels on myself but I exist outside the mainstream and I know that it can become a beacon to others who feel the same way. Life is too short to live in shame. I often forget how many people still do!

Photo Credit: Kamollio

As you are exposed to tons of stimulus, how do you proactively take care of your mental and emotional health when you’re out on the road?

I need to do way better in this area. For me, tour becomes this high that then saps my endorphins and I can become quite negative afterwards. I need to be better about making meetings, praying and meditating on the road. Exercise helps too! Toxic people are the worst because they can really drag you down and isolate you. Getting rid of those from my band was a big step in the right direction!

Reflect back to day one in the studio for ‘Symbol Season Mixtape, Vol. 1’, would you have thought that the mixtape would have turned out the way it did?

I didn’t really know what to think. We started with the song “Artistic Shit” and from the beginning I knew we were not going to create a record like anything I was previously known for. The goal was to be totally free and allow ourselves to be upbeat, fun and positive with the music. Sometimes things got very silly. I’ve never laughed so much while making an album! I never thought we’d get so productive that we’d end up having 21 songs!

Speaking of touring, any current or upcoming tour/show plans that you can fill us in about?

There will be a Justin Symbol West Coast mini tour in late Feb. I am bringing back the old school Justin Symbol vibe in a big way with a new live band of talented people. I’m very excited to reconnect with that part of myself, which I know the fans have been eager for.

Last but certainly not least, any closing messages for your fans?!

Stay tuned! 2019 will be a great year for Symbol!

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Baltimore Musician, DannyDosha, Releases New Single: “Kelsey 2”

Baltimore Multi-Genre Musician, DannyDosha, has taken his artistry for a turn through diving into his currently painful inner world throughout his beautifully mastered new single, “Kelsey 2”. In dedication and admiration of Cello player, Kelsey Lu, DannyDosha lyrically travels through a seemingly light lyrical tale that takes listeners through an emotive spin through a troubled personal predicament that ends with an abrupt and unexpected end to the track which solidifies his intention of final and total release. Slow and serene instrumentals compliment the earnest effort to overcome as they sound as though they were mixed to train the listener to take the time to absorb their own personal hardships and in due time, heal.

Having began to get his feet wet in the world of music at the ripe age of 9-years-old, DannyDosha stands out from the pact through his ability to cross between genres fluidly and tackle any battle that he is facing within throughout the process. Through a wide range of musical influences within his intermediate family, DannyDosha was able to expand his horizons and challenge himself to create a niche and sound that speaks for his unique spirit. If you’re a fan of a mixture of fellow musicians such as Frank Ocean, Kid Cudi and MGMT, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for DannyDosha on Soundcloud or Spotify.

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