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Hong Kong Musician, Todd Warner Moore, Releases New Album – ‘Spark’

Hong Kong Musician, Todd Warner Moore, separates himself from his present time and retracts back to the fluid and free mentality of those living in the 60’s and 70’s throughout his latest album release, ‘Spark’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Prologue”, Todd Warner Moore begins with a simple dose of talk wisdom that can be psychologically absorbed as thought-provoking and abstruse. The second and title track, “Spark”, gives Todd space to showcase his soft vocal style that is complemented by female vocals throughout the chorus that aid in the balance of energy and emotive intensity within the track. “Gift” is the third track that is a soft and pleasant spill of lyrically poetic romanticism and love toward the apple of Todd Warner Moore’s desire. The fourth track, “Noodles”, gives off the vibes of Jimmy Buffett in the intro within instrumentals as Todd lyrically takes the track down the road of metaphorically comparing ingredients and cooking up noodles to a life experience with another human being that he is encountering within his personal reality. “Do You Really Know?” is the fifth track that is a lyrically contemplative and inquisitive dose of reflection that speaks of the rich inner world that Todd has cultivated within.

The sixth track, “Drift Awake”, slows it down into a Bluesy and serene float down a river of instrumental peace as Todd lyrically speaks of the flighty thoughts that are flowing through his currently frenzied mind. “Mess” is the seventh track that begins with a potent line pertaining to carving out expectations with the feel of a John Mayer instrumental back in his ‘Room For Squares’ days. The eighth track, “Gem”, is a bundle of lyrical hope for an insecure mind as Todd lyrically reminds listeners that it is the rubies and gold that we shape within that count when it comes to our unique experience of fulfillment in our lives. “In the Water” is the ninth track that lyrically inflicts the inspiration to reshape the “seeds of who we are”. The tenth track, “Right Inside This Room”, subliminally speaks of Todd’s rich history as a musician as healing thoughts are translated into lyricism that is aware of the devotion that he feels toward his lover whom is right across the room. “Crashing Down” is the eleventh track that burns a hole in the heart of listeners as Todd lyrically tells the tale of chaos and collapse in a metaphorically enlightening way. “Bird’s Eye View” is the thirteenth track that tugs at the hearts of listeners who desire the slower and easy life rather than the rapid and manic lifestyle of those who live within bigger cities. The fourteenth track, “Epilogue”, is a meditative and perfect ending to a well-balanced release.

It is quite evident that Todd Warner Moore has lived a rich and seasoned life through his songwriting style which is abounding with wit, charm and wisdom. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Bright Eyes, Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, then keep an eye on the road ahead for Todd Warner Moore on Bandcamp.

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