France Electronic Artist, Sound Strider, Releases New LP – ‘Occult Electric’

Electronic Soundscape Master, Sound Strider, creates a technically rich experimental journey into a colorful world of musical exploration throughout the release of his latest LP, ‘Occult Electric’. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Helpless Cogs”, a psychedelic trip into a vibrant investigation into intention mimics the likes of Merkaba in their ‘Language of Light’ days with a blissful musical ride into a realm of expansion as Sound Strider draws focus toward awakening tenderness and love within listeners that are aligned with his serene energy. The second track, “Hail Eris”, slowly shakes listeners back into living as the song glides by incorporating the sounds of nature and the natural world into our modern-day influx of bloody entertainment. “Plague of Wizards” is the third track that teases the trickled mind with manic instrumental highs and lows that are sobering in their simplicity yet perplexingly intricate enough to lead the mind to wander. Closing out with “Embracing Chaos”, Sound Strider is simultaneously out of this world and down to earth as he, as stated, puts the feeling of placing a question mark after reality into listeners through an atmospheric array of kaleidoscopic musical appeal.  

It is evident that Sound Strider utilizes his music as a source and tool to induce a state of wellness and spiritual musing and curiosity into listeners. Having recently pursued and taken action toward the next level by creating his own Record Label, Red Tent Records, Sound Strider is taking strides toward sharpening his box of musical tools and gifting himself with the ability to create his own rules. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Merkaba, Bonobo and Desert Dwellers, then do yourself and your heart a favor keep an eye on the ride ahead for Sound Strider on Soundcloud.

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