Southern Rockers, Dead Friends 46, Release New Album: ‘Hardcore’

Southern Rockers, Dead Friends 46, are a wild riot of Rock ‘N’ Roll thunder creating music that is both amusing and pleasing to consume. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts of their latest full-length album release, ‘Hardcore’.

Kicking off with a bang with the first track, “The Firm”, the guys of Dead Friends 46 rile up some daunting energy as aggressive Punk guitar playing smashes through the intro and swiftly leads into a dive into a ball of fire by the name of Don Mazda whose vocal style mimics the likes of Judas Priest. The second track, “Rise Up”, can get a crowd of maniacs tossing beer across a venue as the guys of Dead Friends 46 showcase their lyrical prowess with a politically potent spill of how corrupt our Government has come to be. “Whistling in the Dark” is the third track that is a seemingly spiritual ode to regret as lyrics bash living under the rules of society and how much it can destroy your one shot as a human being. The fourth track, “Banned from the Pubs”, is exactly as it states; rowdy, incoherent and balls-to-the-wall as the guys lyrically attempt to flee a frantic scene that they created.

“The Letter” is the fifth track that intentionally sticks it to the man as a blast of instrumental synergy shreds through with ease. The sixth track, “Mass Hysteria”, puts the cherry on top of the madness that has already come memories of the lack of trust in those who have f**ked the guys of Dead Friends 46 in the past are coming back out of the closet to lyrically confront with no remorse. “Blood Cot” is the seventh track that lyrically highlights a lack of self-discipline and control which is destroying the lives of an individual who is immersed within their own self-doubt. The eighth track, “Lady Doom”, is a lyrical shot at a lady who tried to run the guys of Dead Friends 46 for what they’re worth yet was found guilty in hindsight. “Devil and Don” is the ninth track that reeks of lyrically knowing that it is time to throw in the towel on relationships that aren’t going anywhere. The tenth track, “Black Eyeliner (April Harvey), starts off with streamlined instrumentals that leads into a dose of lyrical anger as the guys metaphorically travel through a chapter of sleeping with the devil. Closing out with “Dead Friends”, the guys pour one out for the ones that have come and gone in a classic Punk Rock way.

Mastered with precision by a group of guys who live and die by and with music, ‘Hardcore’ by Dead Friends 46 is an album that can kickstart your new year the right way. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Anti-Flag, Bad Religion and Authority Zero, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Dead Friends 46 on Soundcloud.

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