San Francisco Rockers, Revolushn, Release New Single – “Little Red Dolls”

San Francisco Psych Rockers, Revolushn, are back in action with their last single of 2018 entitled “Little Red Dolls”. Mixing a hefty dose of instrumental prowess with a psychedelic lyrical journey into grandiose creative thought, Revolushn have brought out their wild and darker side of thought which has translated into a rousing hit that stirs the senses. Accompanied by trippy visual artwork that depicts a lost soul whose life has spun out of control, the yearning to get back in touch with ones younger self is alive and well throughout “Little Red Dolls”.

Having dabbled into the world of music in the ripe days of his youth, NO is able to see and create from the scope of ensuring that the authenticity of the music is in tact while meeting the expectations and demands of our modern and digital age. Rather than licking honey off of a knife, Revolushn is a band that strives to be the knife that gently slices the truth into the hearts and conscious minds of global listeners worldwide. Being the first single after the release of their full-length album, ‘Further’ in 2017, Revolushn are twisting and turning through their own life experiences to bring their insides outward and share their universal perspective of liberation for all. If you’re a fan of a mixture of fellow musicians such as Rush, Yes and Sting and The Police, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Revolushn on Soundcloud.

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