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New York Rockers, Kore Rozzik, are aware of the reality of the music industry and are navigating it from a place of ensuring that their truth is at the forefront. Having recently released their new album, ‘Vengeance Overdrive’, I caught up with the gang to discuss responsibility as an artist, being your own worst critic as an artist, social media being a tool they haven’t fully learned how to crack and more.

Congrats on the release of ‘Vengeance Overdrive’. Tell us about the creative and recording process and what you learned along the way.

I really wanted to create a fun interesting story. Make Kore an iconic figure with a story and a goal in mind. A big motivation for the record was the fact that I had experienced so much prejudice and judgement from the local scene. I truly had a lot of hardships and the art truly imitates life. Vengeance is a record based in NYC and Kore’s desire to not just become a successful musician but to silence the haters and in some cases literally. It’s a fantasy horror story in many ways. The songs slowly started to organically create the vision that I had. I learned that sometimes the songs will show you the way and can further inspire more songs. Especially once you know that you are doing a concept album. The recording process was pretty smooth with our team. They knew how to showcase our talents and bring life to what we wanted to display.

If you could sit down with your younger self and give him one small dose of advice, what would you say to him?

Save your money because you’re gonna need it. Half of the stuff you are worried about right now won’t matter in a few years.

Showcasing the human in you, what is a challenging thought that you recently had and were able to overcome over time?

I think as artists we are our own worst critics. Doubt is constantly coming into our minds. We can be our own worst enemy. But you have to see this is a blessing. Even though at times it is a curse. We have the ability to create and inspire. Experience things in a way most other people won’t or could ever understand. Being in a rock band big or small is a unique thing.

What is your perception on the digital world that we live in and social media culture?

I think that in a way it’s a great tool but it is still a code I haven’t fully learn to crack. I think sadly a lot of quality music is lost in the shuffle due to over saturation online. Many things are cherry picked to the top of the line.

No career path or amount of followers negates the fact that you are a human being that has feelings. Tell us about some parts of you beyond being a musician that you take pride in.

I take pride in the fact that I’m a very gray person. Open-minded. We are all influenced at times but I see things in my own way. I can see through the media and political agendas. At Least I think I do. I just don’t let certain things affect me the way I see others. EIther people swayed so extremely or just feeling so strongly about something in an anger driven way.

As you are exposed to tons of stimulus, how do you proactively take care of your mental and emotional health when you’re out on the road?

I do my best to get sleep. Many bands don’t do hotels at our level for cost purposes. I however need the rest. It’s the only way to maintain my voice and my sanity. I also bring on the road what I call my “medicine bag”. It contains many vitamins and supplements for immunity and anxiety. I do my best to socialize with fans that are positive and loving. Have a few shots of crown to take the edge off but within reason.

Life in New York must be so creatively inspiring. Tell us about your experience in NYC and how it has enhanced your artistry.

NYC has been a mixed bag for me honestly. Hence the moniker” The bastard child of NYC”. I think it motivated me to be the person I am today. Fueled by frustration and competition. I never felt truly supported by my peers. But I think that drove me to be harder and stronger. That’s why the first record is so aggressive. I had to prove a point and surpass many others that doubted me. What NYC has taught me the most is this: Be aggressive, hustle but be humble. If you do that then people outside your circle will like you and want to help you. I think that’s something that a lot of NYC lacks.

Speaking of touring, any current or upcoming tour plans that you can fill us in about?

Right now we are working on booking some of our headlining tours and also looking out for some solid supporting slots as well. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Last but certainly not least, any closing messages for your fans?!

Keep spreading the word for us. It means more than dollars. YouTube, Spotify, Facebook,  Instagram; everywhere and anywhere. Thank you to everyone that has done the right thing in 2018. Kore Locos are the best. See you next year! Don’t be a bozo.

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