LA-Based Musicians, Historian, Releases New Single – “Witch Hazel”

LA-Based Musicians, Historian, are back in style with a frenzied furry of Rock and Roll laced with soul throughout their latest single, “Witch Hazel”. Through the dark and sinister lyrical trajectory mixed with the smooth and mastered to perfection instrumentals, Historian finds their way into the homes and hearts of listeners with this fun track that stands out in their ever-growing discography.

Adding a dash of Punk that is both unexpected and pleasant, Historian has created a genre-bending dose of musical medicine that takes listeners to the depths of Rock and Roll heaven throughout “Witch Hazel”. Eluding to the fact that they are able to bring their introverted nature’s outward with style and class, Historian is bound to last and continue to stand strong in their true Indie colors. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as MUTEMATH, Modest Mouse and The Modern Lovers then keep an eye on the promising ride ahead for Historian on SoundCloud.

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