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Standing tall and spreading his wings through the lens of passion, Kyd the Band is on a humanized ride that takes listeners of his multi-genre music straight back into their hearts. I caught up with Devin for a great chat about the recent release of “Go There”, reaching a mental and emotional turning point over the past 12 months, his devotion toward his loving wife, giving back to his little brothers and sister and more.

Congrats on the recent release of your new single, “Go There”. Tell us about the message that you intended to portray throughout the track and video.

Thanks! With “Go There” I wanted to portray a short yet important message – that while it can be painful and uncomfortable, it’s 100% worth it to be real with yourself and those closest to you.

You are out on tour with Lennon Stella and NF. What are you looking forward to visiting most? 

Paris. I only got to spend about 12 hours there last year so I’m excited to go back. 

Showcasing the human in you, what is a challenging thought that you recently had and were able to overcome over time? 

One challenging thought that I had over and over the past few years is that I will never accomplish anything “great” or really be that “great”. Over the last 12 months, as I’ve begun to do a lot more professionally, I’m having a shift in my thinking and my view on myself careerwise. I’m slowly realizing that I’ve been obsessing over the completely wrong thing, and that I’ve turned my life into a mission to be “important.” At the end of the day my accomplishments are not making me feel less alone, more fulfilled or happier. I guess this is a thought I’m in the process of overcoming.

What is your perception of the digital world that we live in and social media culture?

The digital world is wild right now! I feel like everybody’s attention spans are becoming shorter. I feel like we’re all just trying to one-up each other. I feel like “viral” means “successful.” I feel like there’s no rhyme or reason. From a music industry perspective I’m seeing what feels like gimmicky/meaningless music that gets elevated to the forefront of culture. And that’s not a knock on those artists, but I just feel like as an artist you have an opportunity to say something. Especially when you have a platform like this. With everything going on in the world, why not take advantage of the opportunity. 

No career path or amount of followers negates the fact that you are a human being that has feelings. Tell us about some parts of you beyond being a musician that you take pride in. 

Beyond being a musician, something I take pride in is being a husband. My wife is my biggest supporter and my family. She’s the only part of my life that I know will always be there unconditionally. I also take pride in being the oldest sibling. My little brothers and little sister mean the world to me, and while I don’t get to see them as often as I used to I feel an even stronger sense to take care of them and be there for them when they need me. 

As you are exposed to tons of stimulus and explore throughout the new content, how do you proactively take care of your mental and emotional health when you’re out on the road?

I try to limit how much I’m on my phone, which isn’t easy being in my industry. I notice that when my daily screen-time average is up that I’m also significantly more anxious, unhappy, and mentally-foggy.

If you could trade existences with your favorite cartoon character growing up, who would you choose and why? 

My favorite cartoon character was Peter Pan. I’d trade with him, he can fly and looks out for his homies. 

Last but certainly not least, any closing messages for your fans?

Thank you for supporting me, none of this happens without you. BAND.

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