Bay Area Musician, Patrick Ames, Releases New EP, ‘All I Do Is Bleed’

Bay Area Musician, Patrick Ames, has traveled far and wide throughout his seasoned lifetime to bud doses of wisdom that he portrays throughout his latest EP release, ‘All I Do Is Bleed’; here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “I Want You”, Patrick instantly catches the attention of listeners through his rich vocals that bring forward the lyrical tone of romantic obsession that has taken over his heart, soul and spirit. The second track, “While You Were Making Babies”, carries out an honest and sincere ride into the heart of a man who knows deep within that the apple of his eye is out of reach at this time. “Queen Kae” is the third track that opens akin to instrumentals by Pink Floyd as the undertone of desire is brought forward throughout as the highs and lows of acceptance are traveled through. Closing out with “Te Amaba Locamente”, Patrick Ames ends with ease as Spanish vocals carry out nothing short of beauty.

Advanced and lyrically mature, ‘All I Do Is Bleed’ keeps listeners on their feet and eager to travel alongside Patrick on his journey toward redemption and serenity. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Wilco, Sting and Lenny Kravitz, then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Patrick Ames on Soundcloud.

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