UK Songstress, LeeSun, Releases New Album: ‘Singing You This Song’

UK Songstress, LeeSun, emits an elegance throughout her artistry that is captivating to both the aching and alive soul. Having released her latest album, ‘Singing You This Song’, LeeSun is vulnerable in the most precious and enlightening way. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Wishing”, LeeSun softly strokes the aching cells of listeners going through heartbreak as she lyrically processes her heartache with the recognition of her endless yearning to connect with another that she deeply loves. The second track, “My Life”, abruptly showcases the manic highs and lows that stem from heartache as an instrumental and vocal element that mimics Lily Allen captures the spirit of a wandering mind and soul. “Mother Dear” is the third track that is beautifully composed and arranged to showcase the pain that LeeSun has carried within herself from experiences in her childhood that are difficult to let go of and process. The fourth track, “Dry Your Tears”, lyrically reassures listeners that newfound strength is on the way although at times experiences can feel so heavy that it feels as though the end of the world is impeding when in all reality, the end of a world that one once lived in is simply coming to a close.

“Want To Be” is the fifth track that is abounding with vulnerability as LeeSun has lyrically come out on the other side of processing and is present and grounded in her current reality which is the realization that her heart is connected to her twin flame for life. The sixth track, “The Week You Loved Me”, is titled with charm as LeeSun slowly reminisces about the seven days that love felt so alive while cunningly still keeping the fact that it was fleeting alive in the back of her mind. “This IS the Way” is the seventh track that lyrically pours forward from the soul as LeeSun is unsure as to where the next chapter with another will lead. The eighth track, “It Is What It Is”, feels like a load of bricks upon the listeners chest as LeeSun lyrically attempts to accept the loosening of an ancient grip that is no longer serving her personal growth. “Singing You This Song” is the ninth and title track that is full of lyrical contemplation and the replaying of past memories in LeeSun’s head over bouncy instrumentals that aid in the certainty of the indecision that she is feeling within. The tenth track, “Oh My Love”, lyrically opens up a relational casket that LeeSun knows she should forbid herself from yet her ego finds tempting to revisit. “Everything Dies” is the eleventh track lyrically tackles denial in a soul-tugging manner as LeeSun waxes and wanes between whether to push another away or pull them closer. “I’m Coming Home” is the twelfth track in which LeeSun lyrically lets go of the weight that she had previously carried and finds a place within herself in which she is ready to return home to both herself and another. Closing out with “We’re All Made Of Stars” (Guitar Version), LeeSun reminds listeners that we are all made of unique elements that make us exactly what we are and it’s okay to feel proud of who you have become.

‘Singing You This Song’ is an album that naturally brings tears to an individual’s eyes in the most welcoming way. LeeSun has created a breakup album for the ages. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Lily Allen, PJ Harvey and Norah Jones, then keep an eye out on the ride ahead for LeeSun on Soundcloud.

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