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Funk and Soul Group, Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio, Release New Album: ‘It’s Time’

Coming together with the intent of creative release and uniting all walks of life through music is the name of the game for Funk and Soul Group, Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio. Having recently released their latest album, ‘It’s Time’, there’s a lot to celebrate for the multi-talented trio. Here’s our track-by-track thoughts.

Kicking off with the first track, “Forever Day By Day”, an eclectic array of instrumentals that represent the synergy amongst the three leads a listener into a place of total immersion in the lyrical trajectory that is present, mindful and meaningful. The second track, “10 Miles to Empty”, slows it down into a sensual burst of longing as Lead Vocalist, Rose Ann Dimalanta, eases the mind with her serene vocal style that is abounding with wisdom and strength. “Dinner For One” is the third track that is a lyrical slice of awareness when it comes to each human beings ability to create the version of themselves that will serve toward a life of wellness. The fourth track, “Seven Days”, begins with the feeling of an Alicia Keys track back in her ‘The Diary of Alicia Keys’ days as lightly drawn out instrumentals serve to emerge a bright, open and easy inner space within listeners.

“Happily’s Never After” is the fifth track and album highlight that instrumentally grooves and aligns with the lyrical journey into the moment which leads to the most mollifying glimpses of happiness and pleasure. The sixth track, “Measure of A Man”, gracefully enters a locked inner chamber and challenges the release of rapid thoughts that hinder the maturation of a dear interpersonal connection. The eighth track, “Latin Soul”, is a vibrant burst of instrumental mystery and edge that creeps and crawls into the hearts of multicultural human beings swinging on the dance floor. “Miles” is the tenth track that is an intimate array of feelings that sprout as the song gently carries listeners into a place of mental clarity while Rose Ann lyrically examines her journey of Motherhood and more. The eleventh track, “No Goodbyein”, leaves one floating as the trio lead all into a place of assurance when it comes to the blooming of a deep soul connection. “Mad Run” is the twelfth track that mimics the ethereal energy of Sade in her ‘Stronger Than Pride’ days as Rose Ann lyrically travels through the rush that she has encountered through collision with one of her life’s most beautiful partners. Closing out with “That’s All”, Rose Ann solidifies her belief that the love that she shares with another is a key component of what makes her feel fulfilled in this massive world.

Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio has created an Adult Contemporary work of soul that leads the mind toward the release of control. If you’re a fan of fellow musicians such as Sade, Seal and then keep an eye on the ride ahead for Rose Ann Dimalanta Trio on Soundcloud.

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